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PIIRS Conference Fund

PIIRS Funding for Faculty Research

The PIIRS Conference Fund supports Princeton faculty research in international studies by providing funding for workshops, exploratory seminars, and conferences organized by Princeton faculty and held on the Princeton campus. The program seeks to promote innovation in research in international studies through support of conferences or workshops aimed at producing a publication or paving the way for further collaborative work. PIIRS not only provides the funding for these endeavors, but also provides staff support to aid in organizing these events.

The PIIRS Conference Fund will provide up to $18,000 per proposal toward projected meeting costs. Proposals are subject to review by the Executive Committee of PIIRS. There is no restriction on subject matter, so long as the meeting engages international studies (specifically, the study of issues in global, comparative, or regional perspective) in some fashion. PIIRS does not fund meetings simply because they involve participants from abroad.

PIIRS especially encourages proposals that cut across disciplinary or regional boundaries and that seek to produce a final publishable product. All publications that ensue from PIIRS-sponsored meetings must acknowledge the support of PIIRS, and a copy of all such publications must be deposited after publication with the PIIRS office.

All events funded through the PIIRS Conference Fund take place under the supervision of PIIRS and with the administrative support of PIIRS staff. Faculty interested in obtaining matching funds from PIIRS for conferences sponsored primarily by other units on campus should not apply to the PIIRS Conference Fund, but should instead contact the PIIRS director directly.

Proposals for funding through the PIIRS Conference Fund will be solicited thrice each academic year: September 30 (with an expected decision date of November 1) and January 17 (decision by February 15) and April 15 (decision by May 30). Proposed conference dates must be coordinated with PIIRS prior to submitting a proposal. Applications should be submitted electronically via the online form, which calls for the following information:

  •  a one-paragraph summary of the core idea of the proposed meeting;
  •  a description of the proposed meeting (approximately five to 10 pages in length, double-spaced) that explains its purpose and the significance of the topic, as well as provides a rough “game plan” (open to revision) for the days that you would like to meet;
  •  an annotated list of projected participants that includes a short description of the special perspective or expertise each one would bring to the meeting;
  •  a preliminary budget (including a list of other sources on or off campus that might be solicited to provide additional support, if necessary); and
  • a proposed conference date that has received PIIRS approval. 

Further questions about applications to the PIIRS Conference Fund can be addressed to: Mark Beissinger, 320 Aaron Burr Hall, (609) 258-8261. To obtain approval for a proposed conference date, contact Susan Bindig at

PIIRS Conference Fund
Proposal Form

Application Deadlines
September 30
January 17
April 15

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