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2010 Global Seminars

“Diversity of China: History, Culture, and Globalization”
Shangai and  Xi’an, China  
June 20-July 31, 2010
Taught by Ping Wang, Princeton University, and Chunling Li, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

“The African American Atlantic: Modernity and the Black Experience”
Accra, Ghana and London, England
June 20-July 31, 2010
Taught by Simon Gikandi, Princeton University

“Religion and Politics in Indian Art and Architecture”
Goa and Madurai, India
June 4-July 17, 2010
Taught by Mallica Kumbera Landrus, Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, and Esther da Costa Meyer, Princeton University

“Dreaming, Mapping, Living: The City in the Korean Imagination” 
Seoul, South Korea
June 20-July 31, 2010
Taught by Joy S. Kim, Princeton University, and Steven Chung, Princeton University

"Islam, Empire, and Modernity: Turkey from the Caliphs to the 21st Century”
Cairo, Egypt, and Istanbul, Turkey
June 12-July 24, 2010
Taught by M. Sükrü Hanioğlu, Princeton University, and Erika H. Gilson, Princeton University

“Vietnam: The War and Beyond”
Hanoi, Vietnam
June 13-July 24, 2010
Taught by David Leheny, Princeton University, and Christina Schwenkel, University of California-Riverside