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2012 Global Seminars

"History, Culture, and Urban Life: Rio de Janeiro and the Imaginary in Brazil"
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 18–July 27
Taught by Bruno M. Carvalho, Princeton University.
This seminar explores various representations of Rio de Janeiro—from fiction to photography, from painting to poetry—while examining perspectives from urbanism and the social sciences. Focusing on intersections between modernization projects and cultural production since the late nineteenth century, the seminar asks: What are some of the competing visions for Rio’s future? How have different plans for the city been fulfilled or frustrated? How can these developments be understood in a global context?

"Re: Staging the Greeks"
Athens, Greece
June 11–July 20
Taught by Michael W. Cadden and Timothy K. Vassen, Princeton University
This course explores the drama of ancient Athens through reading, performance, and observation and investigates the connection between the ancient world and Greece’s complex multicultural present. While no prior theater experience is necessary to take this course, students must be willing to explore the plays through performance.

"Hope as the New Normal: Tokyo after the Disaster"
Tokyo, Japan
June 11–July 21
Taught by David R. Leheny, Princeton University
This course introduces students to the issues facing post-tsunami Japan. It also explores the postwar narrative of Japan's rise from defeat to become the world's second-largest economy as well as popular views of the country's cultural vitality in the midst of its economic decline.

"Polish Jews in the 20th Century—Before, during, and after the Holocaust"
Krakow, Poland
June 11–July 20
Taught by Jan T. Gross, Princeton University
This course, based in Krakow, explores the variety and richness of Jewish social, political, and community life in Poland in the context of the calamity that befell Polish Jews in World War Two. The seminar includes multi-day study trips to Warsaw, small towns in the area once know as Jewish Galicia, and the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

"Islam, Empire, and Modernity: Turkey from the Caliphs to the 21st Century"
Istanbul, Turkey
June 11–July 20
Taught by M. Sükrü Hanioğlu, Princeton University, and Erika H. Gilson, Princeton University.
This course is presented for the fifth year. It is structured around the history, culture, language, and literature of Turkey—the capital of both the Eastern Roman and Ottoman empires and the seat of military might, ceremonial pomp, and state policy for 16 centuries—which is undergoing a modern cultural renaissance.