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Hall named 2014-15 World Politics Visiting Fellow

Peter Hall, the Krupp Foundation Professor of European Studies in the Department of Government at Harvard University, has been named the 2014-15 World Politics visiting fellow.

Hall, who is also a faculty associate of Harvard’s Minda de Gunzsburg Center for European Studies and codirector of the Program on Successful Societies at the Toronto-based Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, has published widely on European politics, comparative public policymaking, comparative political economy, and institutional analysis, for which he has received several prizes.

His current research centers on understanding how institutions structure interaction in the political economies of the developed democracies. He is exploring the evolution of “varieties of capitalism” and the political dilemmas generated by the Euro crisis and working on the issues related to methods of political science.

Hall’s recent book, “Social Resilience in the Neoliberal Era,” cowitten with Michèle Lamont, was published in 2013. Earlier works include “Successful Societies: How Institutions and Culture Affect Health,” coedited with Lamont (2009); “Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Advantages of Comparative Advantage,” coedited with David Soskice (2001); and the Woodrow Wilson Award-winning “The Political Power of Economic Ideas” (1989).

The fellowship is funded jointly by World Politics, a quarterly journal of international relations and comparative politics and hosted by PIIRS.

 Hall’s appointment is effective Sept. 1.