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Faculty Publications



Bass, Gary
The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide. Knopf (2013).

Freedom’s Battle: The Origins of Humanitarian Intervention.
 Knopf (2008).

Stay the Hand of Vengeance: The Politics of War Crimes Tribunals. Princeton University Press (2000).

Beissinger, Margaret
“Muzica Orientală’: Identity and Popular Culture in Post-Communist Romania." In Donna A. Buchanan, ed., Balkan Popular Culture and the Ottoman Ecumene: Music, Image, and Regional Political Discourses.  Scarecrow Press (2007). 

Belcher, Wendy
The Life and Struggles of Our Mother Walatta Petros: A Translation of the Earliest African Biography of an African Woman, with Michael Kleiner. Princeton University Press (2015).

Abyssinia’s Samuel Johnson: Ethiopian Thought in the Making of an English Author. Oxford University Press (2012).
Bellos, David
Georges Perec, Portrait of A Man Known as Il Condottiere, trans. Chicago University Press (2015)

Paul Fournel, Dear Reader, trans. Pushkin Press (2014)

Ismail Kadare, Twilight of the Eastern Gods., trans. Grove (2014)

Daniel Anselme, On Leave, trans. Faber & Faber (2014)

Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything. Penguin (2011) and Farrar Straus Giroux (2011).
Bermann, Sandra
 A Companion to Translation Studies, with Catherine Porter. Wiley Blackwell (2014).
Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation, with Michael Wood. Princeton University Press (2005).
Borneman, John
Political Crime and the Memory of Loss. Indiana University Press (2011).
Being There: The Fieldwork Encounter and the Making of Truth, ed. with Abdellah Hammoudi. University of California Press (2009).


Cadava, Eduardo
The Itinerant Languages of Photography. Yale University Press (2013).

Carvalho, Bruno
Porous City: A Cultural History of Rio de Janeiro. Liverpool University Press (2013).
Letters from a Seducer (introduction). Nightboat (2013).
O Livro do Tiradentes, coedited with John Huffman and Gabriel Rocha and coordinated by Kenneth Maxwell. Companhia das Letras (2013).

Case, Anne
“Sex Differences and Obesity Rates in Poor Countries: Evidence from South Africa,” with Alicia Menedez. Economics and Human Biology 7, 3: (2009).

Centeno, Miguel
War and Society. Polity Press (2014).

State and Nation Making in Latin America and Spain: Republics of the Possible, ed. with Agustin Ferraro. Cambridge University Press (2013).

Global Capitalism, with Joseph N. Cohen. Polity (2010). 

Discrimination in and Unequal World, with Katherine Newman. 
Oxford University Press (2010).

Selected Publications

Chances, Ellen
Andrei Bitov. The Ecology of Inspiration. Cambridge University Press (2006).
Christensen, Thomas
The China Challenge: Shaping the Choices of a Rising Power. New York: W.W. Norton (forthcoming, June 2015).
Chung, Steven
Split Screen Korea: Shin Sang-ok and Postwar Cinema. University of Minnesota Press (2014).
Clark-Decès, Isabelle
The Right Spouse: Marriage Privilege in the Tamil World. Stanford University Press (2014).

A Companion to the Anthropology of India, ed. Wiley-Blackwell (2011).

The Encounter Never Ends: A Return to the Field of Tamil Rituals. State University of New York Press (2008).
No One Cries for the Dead: Tamil Dirges, Rowdy Songs, and Graveyard Petitions. University of California Press (2005).

Religion against the Self: An Ethnography of Tamil Rituals, as Isabelle Nabokov. Oxford University Press (2000)
Colley, Linda
Acts of Union and Disunion. Profile in London (2014).

Conisbee Baer, Ben
The Tale of Hansuli Turn, trans. Columbia University Press (2011).
Cook, Michael
Ancient Religions, Modern Politics: The Islamic Case in Comparative Perspective. Princeton University Press (2014).

The New Cambridge History of Islam, vol. 3. Cambridge University Press (2010).
Creager, Angela N.
Life Atomic, University of Chicago Press (2013).


Dancygier, Rafaela
Immigration and Conflict in Europe.  Cambridge University Press (2010).

Selected recent works.

Davis, Christina
Why Adjudicate? Enforcing Rules in the WTO. Princeton University Press (2012).

Davis, Elizabeth
Bad Souls: Madness and Responsibility in Modern Greece. Duke University Press (2012)

Deaton, Angus
The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality. Princeton University Press (2013).

Dolan, Jill

The Feminist Spector in Action: Feminist Criticism for Stage and Screen. Palgrave Macmillan (2013).

A Menopausal Gentleman: The Solo Performances of Peggy Shaw, ed. University of Michigan Press (2011).

Theatre & Sexuality. Palgrave Macmillan (2010).

Draper, Susana
Afterlives of Confinement: Spatial Transitions in Postdictatorship Latin America. University of Pittsburg (2012)


Elman, Benjamin

Rethinking East Asian Languages, Vernaculars, and Literacies, 1000-1919. ed. Brill.

World Philogy. ed. with Sheldon Pollock and Ku-ming Kevin Chang. Harvard University Press (2015)

Science and Technology in Modern China, 1880s-1940s. ed. with Jing Tsu. Brill.

Meritocracy or Cultural Prisons? Civil Examinations in Late Imperial China. Harvard University Press (2013).

A Cultural History of Modern Science in China. Harvard University Press (2009).

Statecraft and Learning: The Rituals of Zhou in East Asian History, ed. with Martin Kern. Brill (2009).

On Their Own Terms: Science in China, 1550–1900. Harvard University Press (2005).

Classicism, Examinations, and Cultural History (Collected Essays trans. from English into Chinese). Zhonghua shuju (2010).


Fellbaum, Christiane
“Harmonizing WordNet and FrameNet.” In H. Loftsson, E. Roegnvaldsson, and S. Hegadottir, eds., Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 6233, 7th International Conference on NLP IceTal . Springer (2010).

“Idioms and Collacations,” in Handbook of Semantics. deGruyter (2011).

“WordNet,” in Theory and Application of Ontology: Computer Applications. Sprincet (2010).
Fore, Devin
History and Obstinacy, ed., with Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt. Zone Books (2014).
Fiske, Susan
National Research Council. (S. T. Fiske, Panel Chair). (2014). Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects in the Behavioral and Social Sciences . Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.
Sternberg, R. L., & Fiske, S. T. (Eds.) (in press).   Ethical challenges in the behavioral and brain

sciences: Case studies and commentaries.   New York: Cambridge University Press.

Ethical Case Studies and Commentaries in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, ed., with R. L Sternberg. Cambridge University Press (2014).

The Human Brand: How We Relate to People, Products, and Companies, with C. Malone. Wiley/Josie Bass (2013).

Social Cognition: From Brains to Culture
, coau. with S. E. Taylor. Sage (2013).

Sage Handbook of Social Cognition, ed. with C. Neil Macrae. Sage (2012).

Facing Social Class: How Societal Rank Influences Interaction, ed. with Hazel Rose Markus. Russell Sage Foundation (2012).

Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Status Divides Us. Russell Sage Foundation (2011).
Fleurbaey, Marc
Oxford Handbook of Well-Being and Public Policy. coau. with Matthew Adler. Oxford University Press (2015).

Fore, Devin
Realism after Modernism. MIT Press (2012)


Gallo, Rubén

Proust's Latin Americans. John Hopkins Press (2014).

Freud’s Mexico: Into the Wilds of Psychoanalysis. MIT Press (2010).

Garon, Sheldon
Beyond Our Means: Why America Spends While the World Saves. Princeton University Press (2012).

Gikandi, Simon
Slavery and the Culture of Taste. Princeton University Press (2011).

Gordin, Michael

The Pseudoscience Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe. University of Chicago Press (2012)

Utopia/Dystopia: Conditions of Historical Possibility, ed. with Gyan Prakash and Helen Tilley. Princeton University Press (2010)

Red Clouds at Dawn: Truman, Stalin, and the End of the Atomic Monopoly. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux (2010).

Intelligentsia Science:  The Russian Century, 1860–1960 , ed. with Karl Hall and Alexei B. Kojevnikov. Special issue of Osiris, v. 23. University of Chicago Press (2008).

Five Days in August:  How World War II Became a Nuclear War. Princeton University Press (2007).

Grudzinska Gross, Irena
Czeslaw Milosz and Joseph Brodsky, Fellowship of Poets. Yale University Press (2009).
Golden Harvest, with Jan Gross. Oxford University Press (2012).
Gross, Jan
Golden Harvest, with Irena Grudzinska Gross. Oxford University Press (2012).


Hare, Thomas
Zeami, Performance Notes. Columbia University Press (2008).

Remembering Osiris: Number Gender, and the Word in Ancient Egyptian Representational Systems. Stanford University Press (1999).

Zeami's Style: The Noh Plays of Zeami Motokiyo. Stanford University Press (1986).

Haykel, Bernard

Saudi Arabia in Transition: Insights on Social, Political, Economic and Religious Change. Cambridge University Press (2014).




Jamal, Amaney
Of Empires and Citizens: Pro-American Democracy or No Democracy at All? Princeton University Press (2012).

James, Harold
Making the European Monetary Union. Harvard University Press (2012).
The Creation and Destruction of Value: The Globalization Cycle. Harvard University Press (2009).

Jennings, Michael
Walter Benjamin: A Critical Life. Harvard University Press (2013).


Kern, Martin
Statecraft and Classical Learning: The  Rituals of Zhou in East Asian History, ed. with Benjamin A. Elman. Brill (2009).

Text and Ritual in Early China , ed. University of Washington Press (2005).

Kohli, Atul
Poverty Amid Plenty in the New India. Cambridge University Press (2012).
Democracy and Development in India: From Socialism to Pro-Business.Oxford University Press (2010).
Künkler, Mirjam
Democracy and Islam in Indonesia, with Alfred Stephen. Columbia University Press (2013).


Laffan, Michael
The Makings of Indonesia Islam: Orientalism and the Narration of a Sufi Past. Princeton University Press (2011).

Levin, Simon
Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, ed., 2nd. ed. Elsevier.

Selected Recent Works

Lieberman, Evan
Boundaries of Contagion: How Ethnic Politics Have Shaped Government Responses to AIDS. Princeton  University Press (2009).


Macedo, Stephen

Just Married: Same-Sex Couples, Monogamy, and the Future of Marriage. Princeton University Press (2015)

Limits of Constitutional Democracy, ed. with Jeffrey K. Tulis. Princeton University Press (2010).

Massey, Douglas
Climbing Mount Laurel: The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb, with Len Albright, Rebecca Casciano, Elizabeth Derickson, and David N. Kinsey. Princeton University Press (2012).
Brokered Boundaries: Creating Immigrant Identity in Anti-Immigrant Times, with Magaly Sanchez R. Russell Sage Foundation (2012).
Mauzerall, Denise L.
"The Impact of China’s Vehicle Emissions on Regional Air Quality in 2000 and 2020: A Scenario Analysis, ” with E. Saikawa, J. Kurokawa, M. Takigawa, J. Borken-Kleefeld, L W. Horowitz, and T. Ohara.. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11: 9465-9484, 2011.
"Environmental Health in China: Challenges to Achieving Clean Air and Safe Water," with J.  Zhang,  T. Zhu, S. Liang, M. Ezzati, and J.  Remais. The Lancet, 375: 1110–19, 2010.
Meira Monteiro, Pedro
Um Moralista nos Tropicos: O Visconde de Cairu e o Duque de La Rochefocauld. Boitempo Editorial (2004).
Meunier Aitsahalia, Sophie
Developments in French Politics 5, ed., with Alistair Cole and Vincent Tiberi, Palgrave Macmillan (2013).
Milner, Helen
Votes, Vetoes, and the Political Economy of International Trade Agreements , with Edward Mansfield.   Princeton University Press (2012). 
Morrison, Simon
The Love and Wars of Lina Prokofiev: The Story of Lina and Serge Prokofiev:. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2013).

Müller, Jan-Werner
Contesting Democracy: Political Ideas in Twentieth-Century Europe. Yale University Press (2011).

Constitutional Patriotism. Princeton University Press (2007).

A Dangerous Mind: Carl Schmitt in Post-War European Thought. Yale University Press (2003).


Nesbit, Nick
Caribbean Critique: Antillean Critical Theory from Toussaint to Glissant. Liverpool University Press (2013).

Nord, Philip

France 1940: Defending the Republic. Yale University Press (2015)

France’s New Deal: From the 1930s to the Postwar Era. Princeton University Press (2010).


Okeke-Agulu, Chika
Contemporary African Art since 1980, with Okwui Enwezor. Daminai (2009).

Oushakine, Serguei
In Marx’s Shadow: Knowledge, Power and Intellectuals in Eastern Europe and Russia, ed. with Costica Bradatan. Lexington Books (2010).  
Travma:Punkty [Trauma:Points], ed. with Elena Trubina. Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie (2009).


Portes, Alejandro
Institutions Count: Their Role and Significance in Latin American Development, ed. with Lori D. Smith. University of California Press (2012). The study on which this book is based was partially funded by a grant from PIIRS.

Economic Sociology: A Systematic Inquiry. Princeton University Press (2010).

Prakash, Gyan
Mumbai Fables. Princeton University Press (2010).  

Noir Urbanisms, ed. Princeton University Press (2010).

Utopia/Dystopia: Conditions of Historical Possibility, ed. with Michael Gordin and Helen Tilley. Princeton University Press (2010).

Pravilova, Ekaterina

A Public Empire: Property and the Quest for the Common Good in Imperial Russia. Princeton University Press (2014)

Price, Rachel
The Object of the Atlantic: Concrete Aesthetics in Cuba, Brazil, and Spain 1968-1968. Northwestern University Press (2104).



Rabinach, Anson
The Third Reich Sourcebook. University of California Press (2013).

Reynolds, Michael
Shattering Empires: The Clash and Collapse of the Ottoman and Russian Empires 1908–1918. Cambridge University Press (2011).

Rosen, Lawrence
Drawn From Memory: Moroccan Lives Unremembered. University of Chicago Press (Forthcoming).

The Balance of Justice: Islam and the Rule of Law. Harvard University Press (Forthcoming)

Rubenstein, Daniel
“Ecology, Social Behavior, and Conservation in Zebras.” In Advances in the Study of Behavior: Behavioral Ecology of Tropical Animals, vol. 42. R. Macedo, ed. Elsevier Press (2010).


Schayegh, Cyrus

A Global Middle East: Mobility, Materiliaty and Culture in the Modern Age, 1880-1940., edited with Liat Kozman and Avner Wishnitzer. Routledge (2015).

Shapiro, Jacob N.
The Terrorists Dilemma: Managing Violent Covert Organizations. Princeton University Press (2013).

Singer, Peter

The Point of View of the University: Sidgwick and Contemporary Ethics. Oxford University Press (2014).

Doing the Most Good: How Effective Altruism is Changing Ideas of Living Ethically. Yale University Press (forthcoming).

Suleiman, Ezra
The European Commission and Bureaucratic Autonomy: Europe's Custodians, with Antonias Ellinas. Cambridge University Press (2012).


Telles, Edward

Pigmentocracies: Ethnicity, Race and Color in Latin America, with the Project on Ethnicity and Race in Latin America. University of North Carolina Press (2014).

Tienda, Marta
Beyond Admissions: Re-thinking College Opportunitites and Outcomes (Annuals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science), ed. with Mark C. Long. Sage (2010).

Multiple Origins, Uncertain Destinies: Hispanics and the American Future, ed. with Faith Mitchell. National Academies Press (2006). 

Africa on the Move:  African Migration and Urbanisation in Comparative Perspective, ed. with Sally Findley, Steve Tollman, and Eleanor Preston-Whyte. Wits University Press (2006).




Wachtel, Michael
Perepiska: 1894–1903.Viacheslav Ivonov and Lidiia Zinov’eva-Annibal, ed. with Nikolai Bogomolov and Daria Solodkaia. NLO (2009).

Wang, Ping
The Age of Courly Writing: Wen xuan Complier Xiao Tong (501-531) and His Circle. Brill (2012).

Wolf, Stacy
Changed for Good: A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical. Oxford University Press (2011).


Yarhi-Milo, Keren
Knowing the Adversary: Leaders, Intelligence Organizations, and Assessment Intentions. Princeton University Press (2014).

Yashar, Deborah
“The Left and Citizenship in Latin America,” in Kenneth Roberts and Steven Levitsky, eds., Latin America’s Left Turn. Johns Hopkins University Press (2011).

Routledge Handbook of Latin American Politics , ed. with Peter R. Kingstone. Routledge Press (2011).

Contesting Citizenship in Latin America: The Rise of Indigenous Movements and the Postliberal Challenge .   Cambridge University Press (2005).

Zaman, Muhammad Qasim

Modern Islamic Thought in a Radical Age: Religious Authority and Internal Criticism. Cambridge University Press (2012)

Zhang, Everett Y.

The Impotence Epidemic: Men's Medicine and Sexual Desire in Contemporary China. Duke University Press (2015)

Governance of Life in Chinese Moral Experience, coed., with Arthur Kleinman and Weiming Tu. Routledge (2011).

Deep China, coau. with Arthur Kleinman, Yunxiang Yan, Jun  Jing, Sing Lee, Tianshu Pan, Fei Wu, and Jinhua Guo. University of California Press (2011).