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Affiliated Faculty

Hannah Essien is a lecturer  with the Program in African Studies and the Arabic Language Program. She comes to Princeton University from Indiana University, where she was an instructor of Twi language and Akan culture in the Department of African Studies. Eissen has also  taught English at the Ghana Institute of Languages; and Arabic at the University of Ghana, the Summer Cooperative African Languages Institute at Michigan State University, and the University of Illinois.  Ph.D. Indiana University.

Fauzia Farooqui is a lecturer with the Program in South Asian Studies/PIIRS.  Her primary interests are Urdu-Hindi language and literature, literary criticism, and women’s studies and she has taught Urdu and Hindi at various institutions including the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan.  Farooqui’s publications include, as coauthor, Beginning Urdu and Beginning Hindi, parallel introductory Hindi and Urdu textbooks. She has also published a monograph on Urdu prose poetry and various pieces of original Urdu poetry, fiction, and literary criticism. In addition to teaching and writing, Farooqui’s professional experience also includes a position as a Urdu-Hindi language specialist in STARTALK, the National Security Language Initiative to  promote strategically important world languages not now widely taught in the US. Ph.D. Lucknow University.


Mahiri Mwita is a lecturer in Swahili in conjunction with the Program in African Studies and leads the eight week intensive summer course in Swahili, Princeton in Dar es Salaam. He has taught Swahili at Egerton University in Kenya, where he also served as coordinator of the Swahili program, and more recently at St. Lawrence University in New York. Mwita has a particular interest in comparative literature and drama and is the author of a play, Posa (The Engagement) (1992). He has also written articles on Swahili literature and poetry. Besides his teaching duties, Mwita is working on a book, "Improvising Experiential Activities and Creative Learning in the African Language Classroom," and on two collections of poetry. Ph.D. University of Dar es Salaam.

Robert Phillips is a lecturer with the Program in South Asian Studies/PIIRS.  He will be teaching Hindi-Urdu at various levels. Phillips comes to Princeton from Emory University where he was program coordinator and a lecturer in Hindi-Urdu language and literature. Before joining the faculty at Emory, Phillips was a lecturer in Hindi-Urdu at North Carolina State. His teaching and research interests include South Asian literary culture, translation studies, and Hindi-Urdu language pedagogy. Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison.