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Graduate Fellows


Joseph Bedford, Architecture, “Architectural Education in a Post-Secular Age:   Central-European Phenomenology and the Pedagogy of Re-enchantment in England and America (1968-1988)”

Sarah Beytelmann, French and Italian, “Insults in Late 17th Century French Literary Discourse”

Elise Bonner, Music, “Catherine the Great and the Origins of Russian Opera in Late Eighteenth-Century St. Petersburg”

Ireri Chavez, Music, “Devotional Songs in Tridentine Puebla de los Ángeles”

Mimi Chusid, Art & Archaeology, "The Shōjūraigōji Six Paths Scrolls: Representations of Life after Death in Medieval Japan.”

Chris Florio, History, "The Poor Always with You: Poverty in an Age of Emancipation, 1833-1879."

Nathan Hodson, Near Eastern Studies, “Merchants, Contractors, and Financiers: The Evolution of Saudi Business, 1925-1985”

Tina Lee, Sociology, “Organized Clientelism: Managing Regulatory Uncertainty In A Private Industrial Firm In China—Cooptation, Sponsorship, And Collusion”

Erin Lin, Politics, "Blood and Soil: the Political, Environmental, and Economic Legacies of War in Cambodia."

Kijan Maxam, Religion, “Refuge and Deliverance: Faith, Religion, and Politics in Contemporary Jamaica"

Kevin Mazur, Politics, “Ordering violence: identity boundaries and alliance formation in the Syrian uprising”

Christian Moser, Economics, “Essays in the Economics of Inequality”

Scott Moskowitz, Sociology, “State, Street, Store: consumption, meaning making and the emergence of the middle class in the world’s most populous country”

Sebastian Ramirez Hernandez, Anthropology, “Subjunctive Citizens; Rebuilding Lives and Futures in Colombia”

David Reinecke, Sociology, “Deregulating Infrastructure: Re-Wiring Network Industries for Competition, 1970-2010”

Vinay Sitapati, Politics, “After Judgment Day: Under What Conditions are Court Decisions Implemented?”

Jaqueline Sturm, Art & Archaeology, “The Bishop, his House, and his Church - Early Medieval Episcopal Complexes in Northern Italy (AD 300-600)”

Christina Welsch, History, “The Sons of Mars and the Heirs of Rustam: Military Ideology, Ambition, and Rebellion in South India (1746-1812).”