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World Politics

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Handley named 2016-17 World Politics Visiting Fellow

Antoinette  Handley, an associate professor of political science at the University of Toronto, has been named World Politics Visiting Fellow for 2016-17. Handley’s research interests include the political economy of development with a focus on the role of business and the private sector in Africa. She is currently finishing up a book on the business response to social crisis, which includes an examination of the private sector response  to HIV/AIDS in four AIDS-affected countries.  While at Princeton, Handley will be working on  the nature of state formation in Africa, particularly on how the power of political elites and of the states they build are constrained or enabled by the concomitant development,  or not, of an economic class. Her appointment at Princeton begins September 1, 2016.


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World Politics
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Joy M. Scharfstein, Executive Editor

World Politics



Subnationalism and Social Development: A Comparative Analysis of Indian States,” World Politics vol. 67, no. 3 (July 2015), by Prerna Singh, has won the APSA 2016 Comparative Politics section’s Luebbert award and the Politics and History section's Mary Parker Follet Prize.   It has also won the American Sociological Association’s Sociology of Development section’s best article prize. Singh’s book, How Solidarity Works for Welfare: Subnationalism and Social Development in India (Cambridge 2016), on which the article was based, has won the APSA Woodrow Wilson Foundation award for best book on government, politics, or international affairs, and the ASA's Comparative Historical Sociology section's Barrington Moore Book Award.

"Brand Dilution and the Breakdown of Political Parties in Latin America," World Politics vol. 66, no. 4, by Noam Lupu, has won the APSA 2016 Jack Walker Award for its outstanding contribution to research and scholarship on political organizations and parties.


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