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Questions? Please contact us at 609.258.1352

Student Mail Mailboxes at Frist

(Freshmen!) Get Your Mailbox Number & Combination
How to Open Your Frist Student Mailbox Combination Lock
Request a Frist Mailbox
Request a Repair for Your Mailbox
Discontinue Your Frist Mailbox
Student Mailbox Number Search
Overflow Mail
Change of Address & Mail Forwarding

How to Open Your Frist Student Mailbox Combination Lock

Click here for a video demonstration.

1. Turn dial to the left 2 or 3 times and stop when the first combination
number is aligned with the index. 

2. Turn dial to the right and stop on the second combination number when
aligned with the index. Then continue to turn the dial to the right until the
second combination number is aligned with the index.

3. Turn the dial to the left and stop on the third combination number when it
is aligned with the index. 

4. Turn dial to the right to open lock while opening the door.

If you need further assistance in operating your Frist Mailbox, please contact Mail Services at 258.1352.

Discontinue Your Frist Mailbox
To discontinue service to the assigned mailbox in Frist Campus Center, please send e-mail to Dave Balitz, Manager, Mail Operations and Services, at Please include your:

User ID
PU ID Number
Class Year
Mailbox Number

Student Mailbox Number Search
To search our database for a student’s mailbox number, please click on the link below please enter the student’s last name here, and then click on search:

Overflow Mail
When a mailbox has reached its capacity, overflow mail will be held in the Package Room at Frist, Room 118. An email notice will be sent to the student regarding "overflow" mail to be picked up. Due to space limitations, periodicals and publications not picked up within two weeks may be recycled.

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Liese, Coordinator, Mail Operations Frist Campus Center at or 609.258.1352.

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