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Seminars for the Spring Term 2018

Butler College

FRS 102 From Codex to Code: Technologies of Learning EC
Emmanuel Bourbouhakis

FRS 104 Canceled Constitutional Democracy and the Politics of Resentment EM
Tomasz Koncewicz
University Center for Human Values Freshman Seminar (Anonymous)

FRS 106 Art and Science of Motorcycle Design STL
Michael Littman
Donald P. Wilson '33 and Edna M. Wilson Freshman Seminar

FRS 108 Being Human EM
Rhodri Lewis
University Center for Human Values Freshman Seminar

FRS 110 War, National Security, and the Constitution SA
Michael Stokes Paulsen

FRS 114 Invention and Innovation: Intersections of Art and Science EC
Catherine Riihimaki and Veronica White
Agnew Family Freshman Seminar

Forbes College

FRS 116 The Evolution of Human Language EC
Christiane Fellbaum
Louise S. Sams, Class of 1979, Freshman Seminar

FRS 118 Life on Mars — Or Maybe Not SA
Michael Lemonick
Stuart Family Freshman Seminar

FRS 120 Hogs, Bats, and Ebola: An Introduction to One Health Policy SA
Laura Kahn

FRS 122 Connection and Communication in the Digital Bazaar SA
Swati Bhatt
Professor Burton G. Malkiel *64 Freshman Seminar

FRS 124 Medieval Globalism: International Trade Before Columbus HA
Alan Stahl

FRS 130 Canceled Land and Power HA
Bernadette Pérez

Mathey College

FRS 132 Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum LA
Caroline Harris
Barrett Family Freshman Seminars

FRS 136 Canceled Performing Arts and/as Civic Engagement SA
Erica Nagel

FRS 140 Bioethics and Public Policy EM
Harold T. Shapiro
William H. Burchfield, Class of 1902, Freshman Seminar

FRS 158 So, You Want To Change the World? SA
Martin Johnson
Anonymous Donor Freshman Seminar

Rockefeller College

FRS 134 Scientists Against Time HA
Harold Feiveson
Bert G. Kerstetter '66 Freshman Seminar

FRS 142 History and Cinema: Fascism in Film HA
Gaetana Marrone-Puglia

FRS 144 Canceled Democracy Under Stress SA
Ezra Suleiman

FRS 146 What Is a Great Experiment? STN
Shirley M. Tilghman

FRS 148 Speech, Text, and Sacred Tradition EC
Erin Vearncombe

Whitman College

FRS 112 Consuming America: Five Critical Food Puzzles SA
Tessa Lowinske Desmond

FRS 150 Russia and Eastern Europe: Conflict and Interdependence SA
Marzenna James

FRS 152 Drug Discovery: From Snake Venoms to Medicines STN
Paul Reider
Shelly and Michael Kassen '76 Freshman Seminar

FRS 156 Canceled Public Leadership and Public Policy SA
Nathan Scovronick

FRS 160 Canceled Politics and Religious Action in U.S. History HA
Bolek Kabala

Wilson College

FRS 162 Reading Love and Friendship LA
Sarah Anderson
Anonymous Donor Freshman Seminar

FRS 166 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Wisdom of Crowds LA
Susanna Moore

FRS 168 Divided We Stand: Economic Inequality and Its Discontents SA
Thomas Leonard
Professor Burton G. Malkiel *64 Freshman Seminar

FRS 170 The Mathematics of Secrecy, Search, and Society! QR
Jonathan Hanke

FRS 172 Alexander Hamilton: The Life, Thought, and Legacy of an American Original HA

Bradford Wilson