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Trustees of the University


Shirley M. Tilghman, president

Jon S. Corzine, governor of the State of New Jersey


(The date in parentheses refers to the end of the term as trustee. An asterisk indicates a graduate degree.)

Thomas A. Barron ’74 (2015); Boulder, Colorado; author

Dennis J. Brownlee ’74 (2011); Washington, D.C.; vice president and managing director, urban sales and marketing, Premiere Radio Networks

YoungSuk C. Chi ’83 (2009); Princeton, New Jersey; vice chair, Elsevier

Janet Morrison Clarke ’75 (2008); Boca Raton, Florida; president, Clarke Littlefield, LLC

Shelby M. C. Davis ’58 (2010); Tuxedo Park, New York; founder, Davis Selected Advisors

Carl Ferenbach III ’64 (2010); Boston, Massachusetts; managing director, Berkshire Partners LLC

Charles DeW. Gibson ’65 (2010); New York, New York; anchor, ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson

C. Kim Goodwin ’81 (2008); London, England; head of equities, Credit Suisse Asset Management

Kathryn A. Hall ’80 (2017); San Francisco, California; CEO, chief investment officer, Hall Capital Partners LLC

Ellen D. Harvey ’76 (2010); Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; director, Aetos Capital Funds

Brent L. Henry ’69 (2009); Boston, Massachusetts; vice president and general counsel, Partners HealthCare System, Inc.

Janet L. Holmgren *74 (2011); Oakland, California; president, Mills College

Jose L. Huizar *94 (2009); Los Angeles, California; city council member, 14th District, City of Los Angeles

Rishi S. Jaitly ’04 (2008); Gurgaon, India; policy analyst, Google India Pvt. Ltd.

Dennis J. Keller ’63 (2010); Oak Brook, Illinois; board chair, DeVry Inc. and DeVry University Inc.

Randall L. Kennedy ’77 (2015); Dedham, Massachusetts; professor, Harvard Law School

Peter B. Lewis ’55 (2013); Coconut Grove, Florida; chair, The Progressive Corporation

Karen Magee ’83 (2011); San Francisco, California; chief executive officer, PlanetOut Inc.

Matthew J. T. Margolin ’05 (2009); New York, New York; analyst, investment banking, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Katherine Marshall *69 (2009); Washington, D.C.; senior fellow and visiting professor, Georgetown University

Heidi G. Miller ’74 (2014); Greenwich, Connecticut; executive vice president and chief executive officer, J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. Treasury and Securities Services

Franklin H. Moss ’71 (2011); Weston, Massachusetts; director, MIT Media Lab

Robert S. Murley ’72 (2016); Lake Forest, Illinois; chair, investment banking, Credit Suisse Securities LLC

Nancy J. Newman ’78 (2008); Atlanta, Georgia; professor and director of neuro-ophthalmology, Emory University

John A. O’Brien ’65 (2010); Hershey, Pennsylvania; president, Milton Hershey School

Stephen A. Oxman ’67 (2012); Short Hills, New Jersey; senior advisor, Morgan Stanley

Nancy B. Peretsman ’76 (2015); New York, New York; managing director, Allen & Co. LLC

Kimberly E. Ritrievi ’80 (2009); St. Petersburg, Florida; retired managing director, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Louise S. Sams ’79 (2014); Atlanta, Georgia; executive vice president and general counsel, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.; president, Turner Broadcasting System International, Inc.

Eric Schmidt ’76 (2008); Atherton, California; chief executive officer, Google, Inc.

Mark Siegler ’63 (2010); Chicago, Illinois; Lindy Bergman Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine and Surgery and director, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, University of Chicago

Sonia Sotomayor ’76 (2011); New York, New York; U.S. Circuit Court judge, New York City

Terdema L. Ussery II ’81 (2008); Dallas, Texas; president and chief executive officer, Dallas Mavericks; chief executive officer, HDNet

Brady P.   Walkinshaw ’06 (2010); Washington, D.C.; The World Bank

William H. Walton III ’74 (2011); Jacksonville, Florida; managing member, Rockpoint Group, LLC

Peter C. Wendell ’72 (2011); San Francisco, California; managing director, Sierra Ventures; faculty, Stanford Business School

James Williamson ’07 (2011); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; business analyst, McKinsey & Co.

John O. Wynne ’67 (2008); Virginia Beach, Virginia; retired president and chief executive officer, Landmark Communications, Inc.