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2008-2009 Library Grants

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If present, follow the highlighted links to read reports on the Princeton research provided by the fellows.

Unless otherwise noted, these grants have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

2014-2015 Princeton University Library Research Grants

Winners and their topics

·Audrey Adamczak (Independent Researcher): "Engraving Royal Sculpture: Prints for Perrault's 'Labyrinthe de Versailles'." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library and the Graphic Arts Collection.

·Antonino De Francesco (University of Milan): "The Fall of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy in the Beauharnais Papers Collection."

·Scott A. De Orio (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor): "The Politics of Sex Offenders in the United States, 1968-1988."

·Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay (University of Lausanne and University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): "At the Roots of Modern Public Finance: Archival Work in the Richard A. Musgrave Papers."

·Lei Duan (Syracuse University): "Arming the Chinese: Foreign Gun Ownership in Modern China (1860-1949)."

·Racha El Omari (University of California, Santa Barbara): "Ḥanbalite Kalām: A Critical Edition for Kitāb al-Ḥayda."

·Charlotte D. Eubanks (Penn State University): "Colonial Japan and the "Literature for Little Citizens Concept." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library.

·Gyöngyvér Horváth (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Institute of Art History, Budapest): "Kurt Weitzmann and Princeton University: the research on visual narratives in Byzantine and Medieval Art History."

·Michael W. Limberg (University of Connecticut): "The Best Versions of Themselves: U.S. Aid and Development in the Middle East, 1919-1939."

·"Lex" Jing Lu (Syracuse University): "Physiognomy, Beauty, and Political Power in Late Imperial and Modern China."

·Chris Manias (University of Manchester): "The Lost Beasts: International Paleontology and the Evolution of the Mammals, 1880-1960."

·Konstantina Maragkou (Yale University): "The Greek Human Rights crisis in the 'age of human rights": mutual challenges and repercussions." Funded by the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies and the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

·Kevin A. Murphy (Binghamton University): "The Young Republic: Childhood in America, 1790-1865." Funded by the Sid Lapidus '59 Research Fund.

·Jacqueline M. Musacchio (Wellesley College): "At Home and Abroad: Anne Whitney and American Women Artists in Late Nineteenth-Century Italy." Funded by the Graphic Arts Collection.

·Maria Oikonomou (Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, University of Vienna): "A Practice of Possibilities: The Translator Cay Cicellis." Funded by the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies.

·Adriana C. Petra (Centro de Documentación e Investigación de la Cultura de Izquierdas en la Argentina (CeDInCI), Universidad Nacional de San Martín): "María Rosa Oliver and Intellectual Communism in Argentina." Funded by the Program in Latin American Studies.

·Joe P. Renouard (The Citadel): "The Strange Career of the Genocide Convention: America and the Genocide Pact, 1945-2014."

·Seth F. C. Richardson (University of Chicago): "Cuneiform Texts from the Late Old Babylonian Period 2." Funded by the Davies Project.

·Sarah E. Robey (Temple University): "The Atomic American: Citizenship in a Nuclear State, 1945-1962." Funded by the Mudd Manuscript Library.

·Brian J. Rouleau (Texas A&M University): "Empire's Children: Youth Culture and the Expansionist Impulse." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library.

·Karen Sanchez-Eppler (Amherst College): "In the Archives of Childhood: Personal and Historical Pasts." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library and the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

·Valentina Sebastiani (University of Basel) : "Renaissance Bestsellers. Johann and Hieronymus Froben's editions at the Princeton University Library (1491-1562)." Funded by the Council of the Humanities.

·Jesse T. Tarbert (Case Western Reserve University): "When Good Government Meant Big Government: Elite Reformers and the American State in the New Era, 1920-1933." Funded by the Mudd Manuscript Library.


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