"Princeton in the Nation's Service and in the Service of All Nations" is the unofficial motto of Princeton University and the Woodrow Wilson School. The school's academic programs offer extraordinary preparation for careers in public service, particularly in those areas of the government related to foreign affairs. Whether our students have a passion for human rights, immigration issues, health policy, development economics, or foreign policy, they are engaged in a vibrant community of world-renowned scholars, practitioners and students.

Graduate Programs

The Woodrow Wilson School is an institution with the energy and strength to tackle the most serious issues of the present day, and the vision and experience to prepare the leaders who will shape the public policies of the future. Its graduate programs provide a rigorous education for those with a practical desire to make the world a better place. Woodrow Wilson School graduate students are an energetic, cross-disciplinary, international community of future leaders. Degree programs include a two-year course of study leading to a master in public affairs (M.P.A.), a one-year program for mid-career professionals leading to a master in public policy (M.P.P.), and a Ph.D. program in public affairs.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program is a departmental concentration for juniors and seniors enrolled at Princeton University. Students have the opportunity to study major problems of contemporary public policy by means of an interdisciplinary program rooted in the social sciences. The program is unique not only in its emphasis on the description of social and political reality, but also in its adherence to its foundational principle that rigorous analysis can be marshaled to enhance the well-being of individuals and societies.