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Plotting Tips

General Tips

  • The smaller your file size is, the faster it will print. The total file size, including linked images should not exceed 100MB.
  • The smaller your image resolution the faster your file will print. Keep all images at 100 DPI. You will not notice a difference between 100 and 300 DPI but the plotter will!
  • Plot all files from the local hard drive. Do Not print files that are opened on arc-prometeus or kahn. Print jobs that are sent from a network drive will print much slower and your data could degrade.
  • Don’t assume that an ERROR message in the Windows Print Queue means that your file will not print. Be patient. Chances are there is NOT an error. Do not cancel the job from the queue or the plotter.
  • Most often it is best to print in RGB color profile not CMYK. You will most likely get better color matching using RGB.
  • Don’t wait until the day of your project deadline to start plotting! Assume there will be problems and remember there will be many people trying to print then. Try to start plotting at least 24 hours before your deadline.

Plotting from Illustrator

  • Avoid plotting from Illustrator. Save your file as a PDF and then open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat to plot.
  • In the printer driver set the postscript setting to PostScript Level 3.

Plotting from Photoshop

  • Flatten all of your layers before printing. This will reduce the time it takes to spool the file.
  • In the printer driver set coding to ASCII encoding not Binary.
  • Do not check the Auto Rotate option in the printer driver. Your file may come out cropped.
  • Print your image as a TIFF file.

Plotting from InDesign

  • Keep all imported images at the same resolution and avoid manipulating your images after you have imported them. This will significantly increase your spooling speed.
  • Do not check the Auto Rotate option in the printer driver. Your file may come out cropped.
  • In the printer driver, under the graphics tab, change the option from Optimized Sub-Sampling to All.

Plotting from AutoCAD

  • Always define your drawing boundaries before plotting.
  • Define a plot window. Do not use plot to extents.
  • Do not check the Auto Rotate option. Your file may come out cropped.
  • Do a Full Preview of the drawing before you print it.