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Software List

The following is a partial list of software provided and supported by the School of Architecture on the School's 28 Dell Precision workstations:

  • AutoDesk AutoCAD 2010
  • 3D Studio Max 2010
  • Adobe CS4 Standard
  • Maya
  • Rhinoceros/Flamingo 4.0
  • SAP
  • Solid Works
  • Catia
  • SurfCAM
  • Bentley Select

Students may also purchase the full version of Adobe Creative Suite Standard (at a greatly reduced price) from the Princeton Software Repository.

Terminal Server

  • Students can use Autodesk products and Rhino on their personal Windows and Macintosh machines through the School's TERMINAL SERVER (ARC-TERM).  Follow the instructions below to download and install the Remote Desktop client needed to run the software on your computer.
  • Once you have installed the Remote Desktop Client, double-click the shortcut to make a connection
  • The server name is ARC-TERM.
  • Use your Princeton NETID and password along with the domain name "Princeton" to log into ARC-TERM.
  • A new window will open that looks like a normal Microsoft Windows Desktop.  You can run the software as you normally would. Depending on your connection type you may notice a small lag in mouse movements.
  • DO NOT save your work on ARC-TERM's hard drive.  Save your work to either your "H:" drive or to ARC-PROMETHEUS.

Download Instructions:

This software package will install the client portion of Remote Desktop on a computer running any of the following operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Note: Current Users of Windows XP and Vista already have the Remote Desktop application installed.

<<DOWNLOAD>> (3552 KB)

To install:

1. Unzip the file you downloaded using WinZip.

2. Open the uncompressed folder.

3. Double click on the file "setup.exe"

4. Follow the installation instructions.
Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.1 for Mac allows you to connect to a Windows-based computer and work with programs and files on that computer from your Macintosh computer.

<<DOWNLOAD>> (730 KB)

To install:

1. On your hard disk, double-click the file that you downloaded to expand it using StuffIt Expander.

2. Double-click the .dmg file you downloaded (for example, RDC101EN.dmg) to mount the Remote Desktop Connection volume.

3. On the Desktop, open the Remote Desktop Connection volume.

4. Copy the Remote Desktop Connection folder from the Remote Desktop Connection volume to your hard disk.

5. If the Remote Desktop Connection folder was copied to your hard disk successfully, you can move the Remote Desktop Connection volume, the .dmg file, and the original file you downloaded to the Trash.

6. To complete the installation, run the program by opening the Remote Desktop Connection folder that you copied to your hard disk in step 4, and then double-click Remote Desktop Connection.