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Adobe Acrobat Pro now site licensed - see below for details

License Information

License Term:

Renews annually June 13

License Type: Named-User or Device Licenses*
Operating Systems:     

Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10

Institutional Computers Eligibility: All faculty/staff institutional machines eligible
Institutional Computers Fee: Yes. A license must be purchased for each user or device.
Personal Computers Eligibility:

Student and personal purchases should be completed directly with Adobe at with the exception of Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements which can still be obtained as a personal purchase through the OIT Online Store. 

Personal Computers Fee: N/A

Work at Home (WAH) Rights:

Yes, faculty and staff may install each named-user licensed product that is installed on their Princeton-owned computer on one home computer if it is not already installed on two Princeton-owned computers (see below Named-User License) with the exception of Adobe Stock which are per seat.. Adobe does not restrict how the software is to be used.  When employment ends, the software must be removed.

How to Obtain:


 * Named-User License

- Licenses for an individual user on their institutional work computer and one home computer (Princeton-owned or personally-owned) with the exception of Adobe Stock which is per seat.  A named user includes full and part-time faculty/staff (must be paid by the University; cannot be affiliates) and full-time students.  In the case of students, the software must be installed on a University-owned computer used by that student and cannot be for a personally-owned computer only.

- Includes either a complete set of Creative Cloud applications or a single-application option

- Online services included

NOTE: For security reasons and compliance with the IT Policy for storage, we are instructing purchasers of these licenses to disable Adobe File Sync and not use the Creative Cloud storage.

* Device License


- For use on multi-user departmental computers only (single-user computers must use a named-user license)

- Can only be installed on desktop/workstation (non-mobile) computers (laptops and tablets should use a named-user license)

- Must be installed on a WIRED computer and that computer must maintain wired connectivity at all times (even when the computer has both wired and wireless interfaces); OIT has expressed its discontent with Adobe on the limitations of their Creative Cloud Device license tracking mechanism.

- Can only be installed on computers physically located on the Princeton campus (no off-site installs)

- Machines with a wired and wireless connection must have the wireless radio disabled

- Includes either a complete set of Creative Cloud applications or a single-application option

- Online services not included

- Device licenses must connect to Adobe servers for the initial activation and then at least once every 90 days until the end of the subscription.  If not, the software will go into trial mode.

- If you need to transfer a device license to another machine, you must contact the OIT Store (8-9160 or email first so the current device is deactivated in the Adobe Admin Console. Or you can run the uninstaller included in the original installer.  If one of these is not done and the software is installed on another device, Adobe will consider it a new purchase and will request payment.  If they do not receive payment, they will deactivate those licenses in 30 days, or they will take an available license purchased by another department but not yet installed.

Pricing Model
     Month       Year
Named-User License    
Single App      $8.50    $102.00
CC    $19.83    $238.00
Device License    
Single App      $7.42      $89.00
CC    $14.17    $170.00

You can purchase the Creative Cloud (CC) package or a single application (products shown below).  Prices are pro-rated according to the time of purchase in the 12-month licensing period and decreases on the 14th of each month.  For example, if the named-user Dreamweaver App is purchased in May, the cost is $102.00 for the length of the license. If the same app is purchased in December, 7 months later, the cost is $59.50 for the length of the license.  Pricing reverts back to 12 months on May 14 of each year. June of the following year is actually one free month.

 Products included in the Creative Cloud:
Photoshop CC
Acrobat Pro DC 12.0 Rel 2015
InCopy CC
Illustrator CC
Audition CC
Photoshop Lightroom CC
InDesign CC
Bridge CC
Media Encoder CC
Dreamweaver CC
Prelude CC
After Effects CC
SpeedGrade CC
Premiere Pro CC
Flash Builder Premium
Extension Manager CC
Muse CC
Animate CC/Flash Pro CC
Edge Tools CC
Single-App Products:
Photoshop CC
Audition CC
Illustrator CC
Animate CC/Flash Pro CC
InDesign CC
After Effects CC
Dreamweaver CC
Muse CC
Premiere Pro CC
InCopy CC


Traditional CLP Licensing

There are a group of products that are still sold as traditional, non-subscription licenses and are installed with either a serializer or CD. These products may be ordered in the OIT Online Store and include:

  • Captivate
  • eLearning Suite
  • Font Folio
  • FrameMaker
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements
  • Photoshop Lightroom
  • Premiere Elements

This applies to institutional purchases only with the exception of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements which can still be obtained as a personal purchase.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

We are pleased to announce the availability of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Enterprise.   It is now available for install on any university-owned Windows or MacOS workstation device that has a Kace agent.

We have published two KB’s outlining both install instructions and FAQs (see links below).  For the DeSC-standard and DeSC-lite environments, later next week (week of July 2) we will announce a date when this software will be automatically installed on those machines.   For now, you may install manually using the instructions linked below.   Please note that this software will NOT be made available through any physical media or fileshare based installers. 

Acrobat Pro DC: Frequently asked questions

Acrobat Pro DC: How to install the software manually

This license does not cover mobile devices.  The Adobe Reader app for IOS is free.  It can create PDFs as well (even though it has Reader in the title.)



Please note: CS6 products were no longer available for sale through the OIT Online Store on Friday,
June 27, 2014.  Those who own CS6 products can still receive serializers if the software needs to be reinstalled.