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Removing the front forks.

A very rusted clutch assembly.

Oren beginning to remove components from the seat.

The frame group disassembling the bike.

Brit posing with a large portion of the engine.

The naked frame.

A partially deconstructed transmission/main sprocket.

The top end of the engine, without valve covers. 

Applying force to unscrew a pernickety part.

Some parts were notched to ensure they wouldn't unscrew by themselves. This made deconstructing the bike slightly more difficult.

Draining the engine oil before deconstructing the engine.

Preliminary electrical system -NB

Electrical circuit board -NB

Rear wheel before deconstruction -NB

Disassembling the clutch of the '58 bike -NB

Carving out the barrel -NB

Britt and Grant cleaning parts -NB

Jenny and Henry sandblasting the frame -NB

View of frame inside the sandblaster -NB

Oren sawing the rusted wheel spokes

Testing the electrical system -NB

Milling the gaskets -NB

Before and after sandblasting the frame -NB

Cleaning out the top end -NB

Stamped serial and model number of bike -NB

Removed hub and axis -NB

Exploded view of bottom end -NB

Tiger Cub as of May 1, 2013