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Oppenheimer Research Group - former and current members

Postdoctoral Research Associates ( former and current)

Former postdoctoral research associates

Bethany Bradley, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts - Amherst -

Keynyn Brysse - Fomerly Postdoctoral Research Associate /STEP; freelance science writer.

Simon Donner - Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Colunbia

Lyndon Estes - Research Associate - Princeton Environmental Institute,

Stefan Gerber  - Assistant Professor-  Landscape Biogeochemistry , Department of Soil and Water Science, University of Florida -

Josh Hooker - Research  Fellow, NCAS-Climate, University of Reading

Sol Hsiang -  Assistant Professor of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley

Robert Kopp -  Assistant Professor Earth and Planetary Sciences, Rutgers University; Associate Director- Rutgers Energy Institute,

Vaishali Naik -  Scientist - HPTi/NOAA, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Chemistry and Climate Group -

Jessica O'Reilly - Faculty - College of St. Benedict and St.John's University, Collegeville , Minnesota

Nathan Urban -  Energy Security Fellow, Energy Security Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Current Postdoctoral Research Associates

Pratikshya Bohra-Mishra -

Rachel Licker -

Christoper Little -

Kyle Meng -

Ruohong Cai - ruohongc@Princeton.EDU

Yonggang Liu-

Emmi Yonekura -


Graduate Students ( former and current)

Chi-Jen Yang - Technology Policy Analyst, Nicholas institute for Environmental Policy Solutons, Duke University -

Dissertation Title ( 2009): Belief-based energy technology development in the United States : a comparative study of nuclear power and synthetic fuel policies

Christopher Little ( Geosciences) - Postdoctoral Research Associate- Program in Science,Technology and Environmental Policy, Princeton University -

Dissertation Title( 2010): Glaciological control of ice shelf basal melting, and implications for the coupled response

MIchael Gillenwater - STEP degree candidate

Jeffrey Domanski - STEP degree candidate

Rebecca Lutzy - STEP degree candidate

Rachael Barr - STEP degree candidate

PEI-STEP graduate students (former and current)

Bryan Mignone - Senior Policy Advisor,  Office of Policy and International Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy ,
and on leave from Brookings Institute (

Barclay Satterfield - Life Cycle Associate  Scientific Certification Systems, Emeryville Ca ( formerly) American Chemical Society Policy Fellow, Washington, DC

Andrew Duguid - Senior Wellbore Integrity Engineer - Schlumberger Carbon Services

Alexander Ntelekos  - Catastrophe Risk Expert, Financial Services Authority, London, UK (

Bernice Rosenzweig -  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University

Ning Lin -  Posdoctoral Research Associate- Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Plantetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Tiffany Tong  - Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University

Ian Lloyd - 2011-2012 Congressional Science Fellow, Washington, DC.

Dan Li  STEP-PEI Perkins Fellow - Princeton University

Joseph Majkut STEP-PEI Kelley Fellow - Princeton University