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Michael Oppenheimer


My current research interests are organized around six topic areas:

  1. Improved estimation of sea level rise and coastal storm flood risk.
    Current Collaborators: Chris Little, Nathan Urban, Ning Lin, Emmi Yonekura

    Recent Articles:Little, Urban, Oppenheimer (2013); Little, Oppenheimer, Urban (2013);  Lin et al (2012) 
  2. "Dangerous anthropogenic interference" with the climate system, with particular focus upon the behavior of the Earth's ice sheets in past, present,  and future climates.
    Current Collaborators: Bob Kopp, Chris Little, Adam Maloof, Frederik Simons, Jerry Mitrovica, Anand Gnanadesikan, Olga Sergienko, Danny Goldberg

    Recent Articles: Kopp et al (2009); Kopp et al (2013);  Little et al (2009); Smith et al (2009); Katsman et al (2011)

  3. Decision making under uncertainty: science, science assessment, model error, and global change
    Current Collaborators: Mort Webster, Brian O'Neill, Shardul Agrawala

    Recent Articles:Oppenheimer et al 2007, Oppenheimer et al 2008 ;
    Crutzen/Oppenheimer 2008; O'Reilly et al (2010); Brysse et al (2012)
  4. Learning from science history: inside scientific assessments
    Current collaborators: Naomi Oreskes, Keynyn Brysse, Jennifer O'Reilly

    Recent Articles:O'Reilly et al (2010) ; O'Reilly et al (2012)
  5. Climate Change and South Africa: moving people, imperiled species
    Current Collaborators: David Wilcove, Will, Turner, Lyndon Despard Estes

    Recent articles: Turner et al (2009) ;  Estes et al (2013)
  6. Climate Change and Human Migration: modeling future patterns
    Current Collaborators: Alan Krueger, Shuaizhang Feng, Ruohong Cai

    Feng et al (2009) ; Feng and Oppenheimer 2012

Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School and Department of Geosciences, Princeton University

Office: 448 Robertson Hall
Woodrow Wilson School,
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1013 

Phone: 609-258-2338
Fax: 609-258-6082