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Council of the Princeton University Community

Background about the CPUC

In May 1969, a Special Committee on the Structure of the University, chaired by Professor Stanley Kelley Jr., proposed the establishment of a Council of the Princeton University Community as “a permanent conference of the representatives of all major groups of the University” where “they could each raise problems that concern them and … be exposed to each other’s views.” Meetings occur usually 6 times a year.  Council membership includes faculty, students, staff and alumni representatives, but meetings are open to all in the University community (contact the Council's secretary, Ann Halliday (, if you would like to receive meeting notices).

Next meeting:  Monday, May1, 4:30-6:00 p.m., 101 Friend Center next to the Computer Science building on William Street.

In addition to the usual Question and Answer session [15 minutes], the May 1st agenda includes

A report from Professor Angela Creager, chair of the CPUC Naming committee (see the homepage story about naming West College and the auditorium in Robertson hall) [15 minutes];

A presentation and discussion of the campus plan with University Architect Ronald McCoy (please see the recent homepage story about the plan: )[45 minutes];

A report from Professor Michael Littman, chair of the CPUC Resources Committee [15 minutes]

[Times are approximate.]

YOUR COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!  At Council meetings this fall various programs and departments invited members of the University community to submit their comments and ideas.  Here is a list of websites or contacts where you can leave comments or ask questions.

Learn about recommendations from the Strategic Planning General Education Task Force including proposals for changes in the Academic Calendar at this website:

The Campus Iconography committee is seeking ways to diversify campus art and iconography.  Find out more at the website:   Please contact Debby Foster with ideas and comments:  

CPUC Special Committee on Naming

At the September 26, 2016, meeting of the CPUC, a special Committee on Naming was established.  The University homepage story gives details about the committee and its work.  The Trustees have asked the committee for advice on naming the atrium in Robertson Hall and West College.  The following gives a link to the committee's charge:  Committee on Naming.  The committee's website includes an opportunity for making suggestions about names for these facilities. 

Diversity and Inclusion Updates from Vice Provost Minter at September 26, 2016 CPUC meeting.

Other references

Charter of the CPUC as of May 2013

CPUC Contact Information

The CPUC's Executive Committee has responsibility for setting Council agendas. They welcome suggestions and comments. Please send them to:
Ann Halliday, Secretary to the CPUC
One Nassau Hall, Princeton, New Jersey 08544