A Hundred Yards Over the Rim

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Cliff Robertson: Chris Horn
John Crawford
Miranda Jones
Evans Evans
John Astin
Edward Platt

"A Hundred Yards Over the Rim" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.



In the year 1847, Chris Horn (Cliff Robertson) is one of the leaders of a small wagon train from Ohio attempting to reach California. Horn's wife and young son Christian are in one Conestoga wagon of the group. When his son becomes dangerously ill, he sets off alone in a desperate search for water. He crosses a high sandy hill rim, only to stumble through time, arriving in 1961 New Mexico. He is stunned to see power lines, a seemingly unending hard black road, and a loud, fast-moving wheeled monster with a face coming at him. As the truck passes the unnerved Horn, he stumbles, firing his rifle, slightly wounding himself. He finally locates an old store with odd pumps in front. The friendly, curious people at the gas stop help him with his wound and provide him with the medicine he needs for his son. But Horn gets in trouble with the local law over his odd attitude and dress, his need for the medicine, and his perfect condition rifle. He narrowly escapes back over the rim, back to his party, his son, and his time. In 1961, however, Horn's rifle is recovered— aged, and falling apart.

During his brief visit to the twentieth century, Chris Horn encounters a modern encyclopedia containing a brief biographical entry for "Christian Horn, Jr.", a physician who achieved good works in late 19th-century California. Horn realizes that his son will not only recover from the illness, he will go on to great deeds as a doctor. This gives him—and his party—the reason to continue on toward California.

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