A Most Unusual Camera

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Fred Clark: Chester
Jean Carson: Paula
Adam Williams: Woodward
Marcel Hillaire: Waiter

"A Most Unusual Camera" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.



Two thieves, Chester and Paula, rob a curio shop, and among the things they steal is a strange camera. The pair come to realize that its pictures reveal the future, specifically five minutes ahead. After Paula's jail-escapee brother Woodward shows up, they decide to use the camera to take pictures at a racetrack. The trio win $9,500 on the first race they wager on. They bet and win on five other races and leave with a considerable but undisclosed sum.

Back at their hotel, a French waiter notices their camera and mentions the French inscription (dix à un propriétaire) meaning "ten to an owner". Paula, Chester and Woodward quickly get the waiter out of the room (by reminding him to bring them champagne they've ordered) and determine that they now have only two pictures left. They disagree on how and when to use those remaining. While tugging over the camera, a picture is accidentally taken and wasted, showing Paula screaming and recoiling in horror. Chester and Woodward fight each other and, in their struggle, fall out an open window to their deaths. Paula is horrified when they do — shrieking and jumping back, as in the picture — but gets over it quite quickly when she realizes that all the loot is now hers. She takes a picture of their bodies (the last picture) in the courtyard below the window and begins collecting the day's winnings, planning to then check out of the hotel. Before she can leave, the waiter returns and robs her. He then notes that her last picture shows "more than two" bodies in the courtyard. Panicked, Paula runs to the window, trips over a wire and falls out the window. The waiter then counts the corpses in the picture. "Yes, there are more than two bodies down there. Just like the picture shows. One, two, three--four!" Shocked when he realizes he's the fourth corpse, he trips and falls also, leaving the camera lying on the floor.

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