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The Agosta class submarines are French diesel attack submarines (SSKs) used by Spain, Pakistan and formerly by France. The French Navy grouped this model of submarine in their most capable class as an océanique, meaning "ocean-going." A modernised version built for Pakistan, the Agosta 90B, has a crew of 36 plus 5 officers and can be equipped with the MESMA air-independent propulsion (AIP) system.



French Navy

built by Arsenal de Cherbourg

  • Agosta (S 620) - completed 1977 - decommissioned 1997
  • Bévéziers (S 621) - completed 1977 - decommissioned 1998
  • La Praya (S 622) - completed 1978 - decommissioned 2000
  • Ouessant (S 623) - completed 1978 - decommissioned 2001

Spanish Navy

built by Cartagena dockyard

  • Galerna (S 71) - completed 1983 - in service
  • Siroco (S 72) - completed 1983 - in service
  • Mistral (S 73) - completed 1985 - in service
  • Tramontana (S 74) - completed 1985 - in service

Pakistan Navy

Two Agosta-class submarines originally destined for the South African Navy were cancelled following the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 418 in 1977. Built by AC Dubigeon, they were eventually sold to the Pakistan Navy.[1]

  • PNS/M Hashmat (S135) - completed in 1979, originally named Astrant
  • PNS/M Hurmat (S136) - completed in 1980, originally named Adventurous

The Agosta 90B, also known as the Khalid-class, is a modernised design built for the Pakistan Navy. Various modifications give lower acoustic signature, lower diving depth, improved battery range and performance. Greater automation also allows the crew to be reduced from 54 to 36. The submarine can be armed with up to 16 torpedoes and SM39 Exocet anti-ship missiles.[2] The SM39 was test-fired from a Khalid-class submarine in 2001.[3]

  • PNS/M Khalid (S137) - built in France by DCN Cherbourg, completed in 1999
  • PNS/M Saad (S138) - built in Pakistan with French assistance, completed in 2002
  • PNS/M Hamza (S139) - built in Pakistan, commissioned 14 August 2006


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