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Alexander Bain (11 June 1818 – 18 September 1903) was a Scottish philosopher and educationalist who was a prominent and innovative figure in the fields of education reform, psychology, linguistics, logic and moral philosophy. He founded Mind, the first psychological journal in any country, and was a revolutionary figure in establishing education as a science and applying the scientific method to psychology. Bain was the inaugural Regius Chair in and Professor of Logic at the University of Aberdeen, where he also held Professorships in Moral Philosophy and English Literature and was twice elected Lord Rector of the University of Aberdeen.


Early life and education

Alexander Bain was born in Aberdeen, Scotland to George Bain, a weaver and veteran soldier, and Margaret Paul. At age eleven he left school to work as a weaver[1] hence the description of him as Weevir, rex philosophorum. He also took to lectures at the Mechanics' Institutes of Aberdeen and the Aberdeen Public Library.

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