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Academician Andrey Petrovych Ershov (Russian: Андрей Петрович Ершов; 19 April 1931, Moscow – 8 December 1988, Moscow) was a Soviet computer scientist, notable as a pioneer in systems programming and programming language research. He was responsible for the languages ALPHA and Rapira, AIST-0 the first Soviet time-sharing system, electronic publishing system RUBIN, and MRAMOR, a multiprocessing workstation. He also was the instigator for developing Computer Fund of Russian Language (Машинный Фонд Русского Языка), the Soviet project for creating a large representative Russian corpus, a project in 1980s comparable to the Bank of English and British National Corpus. Russian National Corpus created by Russian Academy of Sciences in 2000s is the successor of Ershov's project.

From 1959 he belonged to the Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and helped found both the Novosibirsk Computer Center and the Siberian School of Computer Science.

He received the Academician A. N. Krylov Prize from the Academy of Sciences, the first programmer to be so recognized. In 1974 he was made a Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society, and in 1981 he received the Silver Core Award of the IFIP.


  • Programming Programme for the BESM Computer, Pergamon Press, London, 1959. Translated from the Russian original: Russian: Программирующая программа для быстродействующей электронной счетной машины, 1958.

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