Berkeley Square (TV series)

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Berkeley Square is a 1998 British dramatic television series that was originally broadcast by BBC One. Set in 1902, it focuses on three young women who are employed as nannies by wealthy families living on exclusive Berkeley Square in the West End of London.

It was filmed on location in Chavenage House in Tetbury, Gloucester, Priddy in Somerset, Stanway House in Stanway, Gloucestershire, and Bristol.



Episode 1: Pretty Maids All in a Row

Originally broadcast 10 May 1998

Lydia Weston, a farm girl from a large family in Devon, is hired by Lord George and Lady Constance Lamson-Scribener after her local vicar asks for their help to find a suitable position. Lady Lamson-Scribener, an American and the Earl's second wife, is concerned about aging Nanny Collins's abilities and hires Lydia to assist her, particularly after learning that she helped her mother raise 11 children.

Hannah Randall is a young Irishwoman who comes to London from Yorkshire with her illegitimate son, Billy, after the child's father, son of aristocrat Lord Harmsworth, dies in an accident. The locals, outraged by her loose behaviour, had forced Hannah to leave. In London, she finds lodgings in the Limehouse home of Mrs. Bronowski, who offers to watch Billy while Hannah searches for employment. She meets Lydia, who advises her of an available position as a nursemaid with the family of Elspeth and Nathaniel Hutchinson. When she is hired, Mrs. Bronowski suggests Billy stay with her for sixpence per week.

Matty Wickham, head nanny in the home of Arnold and Victoria St. John, clashes with Pringle, the nursery maid, and housekeeper Mrs. McClusky and Cook.

Episode 2: Hide And Seek

Originally broadcast 17 May 1998

Hannah becomes acquainted with her young charges, Bertie and baby Charlie. Nanny Simmons clearly has no affection for the children in her care, proves hostile and constantly finds fault with the younger woman.

The Countess is pleased with Lydia and insists she and baby Ivo go to the park without Nanny Collins when she realizes the older woman has a cold. Nanny Collins isn't pleased, but Lydia wins her over with the gift of an embroidered needle case.

Matty is blamed for all the problems in the St. Johns' home. When she meets Lydia and Hannah in the park, she is surprised to learn Hannah is unhappy with her position at the Hutchinson house.

Episode 3: Ladybird, Ladybird

Originally broadcast 24 May 1998

Hannah narrowly stops her son's grandmother from kidnapping him. She offered Hannah £500 to allow her to adopt him but Hannah refused, remembering what William had told her about his childhood. Lady Harmonsworth blames Hannah for her son's death.

Lydia saves the day when she helps prepare a meal for people celebrating the coronation of King Edward VII, and Nanny Collins is upset by the accolades Lydia receives.

Matty finds herself strongly attracted to newly-hired footman, Ned Jones, unaware he is Mrs. McClusky's son and is wanted by the police for killing a man in a fight. Elspeth and Nathaniel Hutchinson depart London so he can assume an overseas post.

Episode 4: All on a Summer's Day

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