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Borusa is a fictional character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He was a Time Lord, and a former teacher of the Doctor.


Character Overview

Borusa appeared in four serials throughout the course of Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin, The Invasion of Time, Arc of Infinity and The Five Doctors. Each time, Borusa was portrayed by a different actor, it being implied that the character had regenerated in the time between these serials and thus his appearance and personality were different in each story. It is said that Borusa was one of the Doctor's former trainers when the Doctor was young.

Character Appearances

The Deadly Assassin

When the character was first introduced in The Deadly Assassin, he occupied the post of Cardinal in the High Council, and was portrayed as a good though pretentious person with some political standing on Gallifrey, the Time Lords' home planet. He set about "adjusting truth" in the wake of the Doctor's return to Gallifrey and his defeat of the Master. He sought to, for instance, portray the late Chancellor Goth not as the Master's ally, but as a hero who had given his life to stop the Master. After the Doctor willingly left Gallifrey again, in the Doctor's absence Borusa officially became Lord Chancellor (although the Doctor later claimed this was done "illegally").

The Invasion of Time

A regenerated Borusa appeared again when the Doctor returned to Gallifrey briefly in The Invasion of Time to officially take up the post of Lord President. This was, however, part of a strategy to defeat the Vardans, and once they and the Sontarans had been seen off, the Doctor - now having been officially inaugurated as President of the High Council of Time Lords - departed and left Gallifrey in the hands of Borusa once again.

Arc of Infinity

By the time of Arc of Infinity, Borusa had regenerated again and had officially become Lord President of Gallifrey. He, along with other members of the High Council of Time Lords, condemned the Fifth Doctor to death, as Omega had attempted to interface with this universe from his own anti-matter universe by using the Fifth Doctor as the bridge, thus endangering the whole of creation. Borusa was even suspected of being the traitor who had sent Omega the Doctor's genetic code; however, he was quickly proven innocent and assisted the Doctor in destroying Omega.

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