Clarence, New York

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Clarence is a town located in the northeastern part of Erie County, New York, United States. The population was 26,123 at the 2000 census. Clarence is also the name of a postal district in the south part of the town with ZIP code 14031. It is named after the House of Clarence in England.

The Town of Clarence is in the northeast part of the county. The town is northeast of Buffalo. There are no incorporated villages within the town.



Early history

The local Native Americans called the area "Ta-Num-No-Ga-O," which means "Place of Hickory Bark."

The Town of Clarence was the first town to be established in Erie County (1808), and many other towns, villages, and cities have been formed from parts of this original town. In 1810, the City of Buffalo was divided out of Clarence. Then in 1823, Newstead and Alden were formed respectively from the east and south parts of Clarence. Then finally in 1833, Lancaster was also formed from the town. The defunct Town of Willink was also a source of new towns, primarily in the south part of the county, being completely partitioned for this purpose.

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