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Coordinates: 53°51′37″N 1°43′13″W / 53.8603°N 1.7202°W / 53.8603; -1.7202

Esholt is a village between Shipley and Guiseley, in the metropolitan district of the City of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.


Derivation of name

The name "Esholt" indicates that the village was first established in a heavily wooded area of ash trees.[citation needed]


In the 12th century, the Esholt estate was owned by Syningthwaite Priory and a nunnery was established there at Lower Esholt. When the nunnery was dissolved in about 1540 the estate was granted by Edward IV to Henry Thompson. The original manor house, Esholt Old Hall at Upper Esholt is medieval in origin, probably 16th century, and possibly once moated. It is well preserved and has Grade II* listed building protection.[1]

Historically part of the parish of Guiseley,[2] the adjacent church of St Paul was once the private chapel of the old manor house. The church was rebuilt in 1839.

In the 17th century the Thompson heiress married Walter Calverley (1629-1694) and in 1709 their son Walter built a new Queen Anne style mansion house, Esholt Hall on the site of the old nunnery.

In 1775 the Calverleys sold to Stansfield and eventually in 1906 the estate was purchased by the Bradford City Council. The estate is now owned by Yorkshire Water where they operate a sewage treatment plant. The new hall is a conference and staff learning centre. It also is a Grade II* listed building.[1] The sewage works estate was the site of the Airedale Aerodrome.[3]

Esholt in popular culture

From 1976 to 1996 Esholt was used for the outside location shots for the Yorkshire Television drama series Emmerdale Farm later Emmerdale. The series then relocated to a purpose built set based on the layout of Esholt on the Harewood estate in Leeds.[4]

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