Gaston (comics)

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Gaston is a comic strip created in 1957 by the Belgian cartoonist André Franquin in the comic strip magazine, Spirou. The series focuses on the every-day life of Gaston Lagaffe, a lazy and accident-prone (his surname means "the blunder") office junior. It is very popular in large parts of Europe (especially in Belgium and France), but except for a few pages by Fantagraphics in the early 90s (as Gomer Goof), there is no published English translation.

Gaston Lagaffe goes by different names in various languages and countries: Guust Flater in Dutch, Tomás el Gafe in Spanish, Sergi Grapes in Catalan, Gastão Dabronca in some Portuguese translations, Gastón Sequivoc in Argentina, Gastono Lafuŝ in Esperanto, Viggo in Norwegian, Vakse Viggo in Danish, Viggó Viðutan in Icelandic, Niilo Pielinen in Finnish, Gaša Šeprtlja in Serbian, Şapşal Gazi in Turkish and simply Gaston in German as well as in Swedish and Greek. In German he was also called (very briefly during a syndication) Jo-Jo.

Since the 1980s Gaston has appeared on a wide variety of merchandise.


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