German submarine U-505

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German submarine U-505 was a Type IXC U-boat of the German Kriegsmarine built for service during World War II. She was captured on 4 June 1944 by United States Navy Task Group 22.3 (TG 22.3). Codebooks and other secret materials from U-505 assisted Allied code breaking operations. She is one of six U-boats that were captured by Allied forces during World War II, and one of four large German World War II U-boats that survive as museum ships.

All but one U-505 crewman was rescued by the Navy task group. The submarine was towed to Bermuda in secret, and her crew was interned at a US prisoner of war camp where they were denied access to International Red Cross visits. The Navy classified the operation as top secret and managed to prevent its discovery by the Germans.

After spending nearly a decade at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, U-505 was donated to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. As of 2010 U-505 is a museum ship, kept indoors in a climate controlled environment to prevent corrosion.


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