Glenn Quinn

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Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn (28 May 1970[1][2] – 3 December 2002) was an Irish actor in television and film, known for playing Mark Healy in the American sitcom Roseanne, and Doyle, a half-demon, on the 1999–2004 television series Angel, a spin-off series of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Early life

Quinn was born in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in both America and then again as a teenager in Cabinteely, County Dublin Ireland. As a teenager, he played drums in a rock band called Revival (who peaked at supporting Irish AOR Band Winter's Reign and also had a demo played on the radio 'How could I know'-Rock with BOC - BLB Radio). He also acted in productions at small local theaters. Quinn attended Clonkeen College and moved to the Long Beach area of California in 1988 with his mother, Bernadette, and two sisters, Sonya and Louisa. His older brother, Ciaran, who lives in Dublin, Ireland, was recently reunited with his mother and two sisters. Glenn worked odd jobs at power plants, restaurants, and more before deciding to pursue an acting career.


Quinn did commercials for Pepsi and Ray-Ban, appeared in the music video for the Richard Marx song "Satisfied," and had his first speaking line in the pilot of Beverly Hills, 90210 after having endured eight separate auditions for the roles of both "Brandon Walsh" and then "Steve Sanders." Having lost out to Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering, respectively, casting director Johanna Ray gave him a small role with two lines in the pilot, but Glenn was barely visible in the final broadcast version. His first substantial speaking part was as a guest-star in an episode of the short-lived The Outsiders.

In 1991, Quinn had his first major role in a movie, Shout, which starred John Travolta and in which he shared an on-screen kiss with Gwyneth Paltrow. Later, one of Quinn's more visible roles was that of Mark Healy, Becky Conner's boyfriend, and later husband, in Roseanne. Quinn took on the role as youngest son Cedric on the US and UK TV series Covington Cross. While shooting the series in England, he suffered a serious injury to his back falling from his horse while shooting a scene.[citation needed] In 1992 he starred alongside Holly Marie Combs in Dr. Giggles.[2] Also in 1992, Glenn's management was approached by Robert Redford who was then casting A River Runs through It and expressed interest in Glenn reading for the role opposite Brad Pitt. At the time Glenn was tired from working non-stop for over a year and had planned to go on a fishing trip with his uncle, and as nothing could dissuade his intention to take that short break, the role went to Craig Sheffer.

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