Ham Seok-heon

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Ham Seok-heon (13 March 1901 - 4 February 1989) was a notable figure in the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) movement in Korea, and was nicknamed the "Gandhi of Korea." Ham was an important Asian voice for human rights and non-violence during the 20th century, despite numerous imprisonments for his convictions. He was formally a Quaker, which is a nonsectarian Christian group, but he also concluded that all religions are one, atypical of most Christian thinkers.

In 2000, Seok-Heon Ham was selected by the Republic of Korea as a national cultural figure.


  • March 13, 1901: Born in North Pyongan province
  • 1906: Entered a missionary school of Deok-il Elementary School
  • 1916: Graduated from Yang-si Public Elementary School

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