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Heemskerk (About this sound pronunciation ) is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland.


Local government

The municipal council of Heemskerk consists of 25 seats, which are divided as follows:

  • PvdA - 5 seats
  • CDA - 5 seats
  • VVD - 5 seats
  • GroenLinks - 3 seats
  • D66 - 3 seats
  • Liberaal Heemskerk - 3 seats
  • Lijst 7 (Wouters) - 1 seat

The negotiations are finished and the PvdA, CDA and VVD wil govern together


It is not certain where the name of Heemskerk comes from. The town was already known during the Middle Ages. In an official deed from the year of 1063, the town was known as Hemezen Kyrica, Latinized Frisian meaning Church of Hemezen, a Frisian nun who lived in a religious house there. Heemskerk knows many historical monuments, among them the Huldtoneel (lit. the "Inaugurate Stage"), an artificial hill located near the current Rijksstraatweg, where once the Counts of Holland where inaugurated. According to tradition, the Huldtoneel was used before the Roman Era as a Germanic sanctuary. In the nineteenth century Jonkheer Gevers finally made the Huldtoneel a monument - as it is known today - and ordered passers-by to honour the monument.

Many battles have been fought in Heemskerk. Two castles - Castle Oud Haerlem and Castle Heemskerk - were built in the twelfth and thirteenth century respectively to protect the County of Holland against the West Frisians. In the fifteenth century the residents of Heemskerk fought each other during the Hook and Cod wars, in which both castles were destroyed. The Oud Haerlem castle was never rebuilt, Castle Heemskerk however was. In 1492 a rebellion by the people of Kennemerland was brutally beaten down by the Austrian conquerors, on the place where today the cemetery of the Hervormde Kerk (Reformed Church) is located.

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