Hormizd II

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Hormizd II, was the eighth Persian king of the Sassanid Empire, and reigned for seven years and five months, from 302 to 309. He was the son of Narseh (293–302),

Almost nothing is known of his reign.

After his death his oldest son Adarnases, who had a cruel disposition, was killed by the grandees after a very short reign; another son, Hormizd, was held prisoner, while the throne was reserved for the child of his concubine, Shapur II. Another version has it that Shapur II was the son of Hormizd II's first wife, and that while still pregnant she was made to wear a crown over her pudenda so that the baby would be born as a king.

His son Hormizd escaped from prison in 323 with the help of his wife, and found refuge at the court of Constantine I (324–337) (Zosimus ii. 27; John of Antioch, fr. 178; Zonaras 13–5). In 363, Hormizd served against Persia in the army of the Roman emperor Julian (361–363); in turn his son, of the same name, later served as proconsul (Ammianus Marcellinus 26. 8. 12).


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