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American English · Italian · Sicilian · Neapolitan, other Italian dialects and languages of Italian historical minorities

predominantly Roman Catholic, with Protestant and Jewish minorities.

Italian people, Italian Canadian, Italian Argentine, Italian Brazilian, Italian Mexican, Italian Australian, Italian Briton

An Italian American (Italian: italoamericano singular, Italian: italoamericani plural) is an American of Italian ancestry. The designation may also refer to someone possessing Italian and American dual citizenship. Italian Americans are the fourth largest European ethnic group in the United States (not including "American" ethnicity, an ethnonym used by many whites and non-whites in the United States; Overall, Italian Americans rank seventh, behind German, Irish, African American, English, "American" and Mexican).

About 5 million Italians immigrated to the U.S. The greatest surge of immigration, 1880–1914, brought 4 million Italians to cities in the Northeast. About eighty percent of these were from the Mezzogiorno, or southern Italy, including Sicily (so almost all the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies). This region was chronically poor, especially after Italian unification, when the Savoy emptied the treasury of the southern Kingdom and moved the industries from the Naples region to the northwest of the country. The Italian government encouraged emigration of underskilled peasants, to reduce the "Sicilian problem". In America, most began as unskilled laborers.[2] Italian Americans have moved from the bottom of the economic scale (in 1910) to the upper half by 1970. They have tended strongly to emphasize the family, the Church, fraternal societies, and politics.[3]


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