Keep the Faith

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Keep the Faith is the fifth studio album by American rock band Bon Jovi, released on November 3, 1992 by Mercury Records. Keep The Faith represents the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Bon Jovi, which turned away from glam metal in favor of a more mature rock sound.



Following the completion of the New Jersey tour, the band went on hiatus. During their time off, Jon Bon Jovi wrote the soundtrack for Young Guns II, which was released in 1990 as the Blaze of Glory album and Richie Sambora released his first solo album called Stranger in This Town. By this time, Jon Bon Jovi fired his long time manager, Doc McGhee and created Bon Jovi Management. Jon decided to take on a larger role, and more responsibilities within the band. The band quickly became a corporation with Jon at the helm.

In October 1991 the band went to a Caribbean island of St. Thomas to discuss plans for the future; the band's internal problems were solved and they were ready to have a go at a comeback. According to an interview with Jon Bon Jovi on "Keep The Faith - The Videos", the album's original title was to be "Revenge". In January 1992 the band headed to Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver. They spent six months making the album with Bob Rock producing. Keep The Faith was released in October 1992. The musical tastes had shifted in the four years between New Jersey and Keep the Faith. Despite the industry's and audience's growing affinity for Grunge rock, Bon Jovi's sound morphed itself to work in the 1990s music scene, and also their image changed. Before the band reunited in the studio, Jon Bon Jovi spent the summer of 1991 in anonymity, riding his bike in places like Arizona, experiences that inspired him to write "Dry County" and "Bed Of Roses". He later commented "It would never have been possible [for me] to write songs like "Bed of Roses" or "Dry County" five years ago.".

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