Kossuth, Mississippi

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Kossuth is a village in Alcorn County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 170 at the 2000 census. Its zip code is 38834.



Kossuth, located about 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Corinth, was founded in the 1840s as "New Hope." In 1852, the town changed its name to Kossuth in honor of Lajos Kossuth, a Hungarian revolutionary hero who led the democratic, anti-Habsburg Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Despite initial success, the democratic state was crushed by Russian troops descended to attack Hungary and restore the rule of the Habsburg dynasty. The thirteen leading generals of Hungary were executed in the town of Arad but Regent-President Kossuth went into exile.

Kossuth visited the U.S. in 1851. He was greeted enthusiastically and would gain acclaim as one of the greatest orators of all time. Learning English and many other languages while he was imprisoned by the Austrian Government in 1837-40, he would later coin the phrase, "All for the people and all by the people. Nothing about the people without the people. That is Democracy, and that is the ruling tendency of the spirit of our age", spoken before the Ohio State Legislature on February 16, 1852, more than a decade before Lincoln's famed "for the people, by the people" speech at Gettysburg in 1863. Ralph Waldo Emerson said in greeting Kossuth on his arrival at Concord, Massachusetts on May 11, 1852:

[W]e have been hungry to see the man whose extraordinary eloquence is seconded by the splendor and the solidity of his actions.

Kossuth was only the second foreign leader (second to Gen. Lafayette) to address a joint session of Congress. The American Hungarian Federation dedicated a bust that now sits proudly in the US Capitol - it reads, "Louis Kossuth, Father of Hungarian Democracy".


Kossuth is located at 34°52′28″N 88°38′39″W / 34.87444°N 88.64417°W / 34.87444; -88.64417 (34.874561, -88.644184)[1].

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