Limestone Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

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Limestone Township is a township in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The population was 2,136 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Williamsport, Pennsylvania Metropolitan Statistical Area.



Limestone Township was established on December 4, 1824 by a decree of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. It was formed from parts of Nippenose and Wayne Townships. Limestone Township was originally known as Adams Township in honor of United States President John Adams until April 14, 1835 when the name as changed to what was deemed to be a more appropriate title.[3]

The first European settlers in the Limestone Township area arrived as early as 1789. The early settlers thought that the land was barren because the base of valley was largely free of trees. It was covered by dense thickets of thorny bushes. At first the land sold for as little as fifty cents an acre. After the initial settlers cleared the shrubbery and planted wheat, the land was found to be quite fertile and the price of the land rose dramatically to $5.00 per acre and by the 1890s the land was selling for as much as $100.00 an acre. Later settlers to Limestone Township established the communities of Collomsville, Oriole and Oval. These small towns were the locations of small taverns, general stores and sawmills.[3]

Much of the farmland in the southeastern portion of Limestone Township was purchased by the Williamsport Water Authority in the early 1900s as part of its watershed. Visitors to the "water company" lands can see the stone remains of the early settlers homesteads spread throughout the watershed.

The water authority built a multi-million dollar water filtration plant in the 1990s in Mosquitio Valley. With the construction of this plant the lands of the water authority were opened as a nature preserve to the general public. All visitors are required to sign in at the offices at the filtration plant on the end of Mosquito Valley Road in Armstrong Township. The watershed is a nature preserve. The following is list of prohibited activities in the watershed: No dogs, hunting, fishing, littering, artifact hunting, motorized vehicles, horseback riding, camping, fires, and swimming. All visitors are requested to park their vehicles in the designated parking areas. The nature preserve is closed during certain hunting seasons when it is open to hunters who have acquired special permits issued by the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority.[4]

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