List of abbeys and priories in Ireland

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Abbeys and priories in Ireland lists abbeys, priories, friaries or other monastic religious houses in Ireland. This article does not include foundations in Northern Ireland, which are covered in List of abbeys and priories in Northern Ireland.


Article layout

The list is presented alphabetically by County. Foundations are listed alphabetically within each county.

Communities/provenance: shows the status and communities existing at each establishment, together with such dates as have been established as well as the fate of the establishment after dissolution, and the current status of the site.

Alt. Name: some of the establishments have had alternative names over the course of time. In order to assist in text-searching such alternatives in name or spelling have been provided.

Formal Name/dedication: shows the formal name of the establishment or the person in whose name the church is dedicated, where known.

Refs.: presents links to online references to the particular establishment in addition to the general printed and online references given at the foot of this article. Establishments for which online references have not been specified are referred to within the printed references listed.

Location: provides a link to the geographical position of the site of the foundation where established. Where the location has been established the location is pinpointed (dependent on the available resolution of the map data), otherwise the general location is given in italic.

Monastic Glossary: following the listing, provides links to articles on the particular monastic orders as well as other terms which appear in the listing.

Abbreviations and Key

List of Houses by County

Map of all coordinates from Bing

County Carlow

County Cavan

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