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Throughout its life, Nintendo has released many titles in the Mario series in various sports genres.


Video games

Golf games

Mario Golf is a sports video game series that was developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo. It began on the Nintendo 64 with two games, one for the N64 and the other for the Game Boy Color. Since then, there have also been releases of one game on both the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance. In addition, both NES Open Tournament Golf and Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 have been re-released for the Virtual Console.

The N64 and Game Boy Color versions can communicate each other via Transfer Pak connectivity, and the GameCube and GBA versions can do the same via the Nintendo GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable. Players can upload characters and data into the other game.

Racing games

Only in Japanese

Only in Japanese, could be used with Famicom 3D System

Mario Kart

Upcoming game

Tennis games

Mario Tennis is a sports video game series that began in 1994 with Mario & Luigis Tennis for the [ Super Nintendo ]]. In the vein of other Mario sport games, it features Mario and his all-star cast competing in a game of tennis. Since its second generation on the Nintendo 64, each successive generation features a console and a handheld version and all of them developed by Camelot Software Planning.

Soccer titles

Baseball titles

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