Portsmouth and Arundel Canal

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Coordinates: 50°51′22″N 0°33′32″W / 50.856°N 0.559°W / 50.856; -0.559

The Portsmouth and Arundel Canal was a canal in the south of England that ran between Portsmouth and Arundel, it was built in 1823 but was never a financial success and was abandoned in 1855, the company was wound up in 1888.[1]. The canal was part of a larger scheme for the construction of a secure inland canal route from London to Portsmouth, which allowed craft to move between the two without having to venture into the English Channel and possibly encounter enemy ships or natural disaster. It was built by the Portsmouth & Arundel Navigation company. The canal was made up of three sections: a pair of ship canals, one on Portsea Island and one to Chichester, and a barge canal that ran from Ford on the River Arun to Hunston where it joined the Chichester section of the canal.[2]


Ford to Hunston Section

This section of the canal connected the river Arun at Ford to the junction with the Chichester arm of the canal.[3] It had two locks at ford to allow the canal to drop 12 feet down to the river.[3]

Hunston to Birdham Section

This section links to Chichester Harbour at Birdham with the junction at Hunston.[4] It contains two locks one of which is a sea lock.[4] The canal was built to ship canal standards and was built 8 feet deep and 46 feet 8 inches wide.[4]

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