Regent's Park College, Oxford

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Regent's Park College

Regent's Park College is a Permanent Private Hall in the University of Oxford, situated in central Oxford, just off St Giles.

The College admits both undergraduate and graduate students to take Oxford degrees in a variety of Arts, Humanities and Social Science subjects. The College also trains men and women for ordained ministry among Baptist churches in Great Britain and overseas.



Origins in Stepney, East London

Regent’s Park College traces its roots back to the formation of the London Baptist Education Society in 1752. This venture led to the development of the Stepney Academy in East London, in 1810. The impetus for the creation for the Academy arose from the fact that only members of the Church of England were given places at ancient universities. It wasn’t until the Oxford University Act of 1854 [1] that Baptists and other Dissenters were admitted to the University of Oxford. In 1810 there were only 3 students, though by 1850 the number had risen to 26.[2] (See dissenting academies.)

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