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Robo (born Julio Roberto Valverde Valencia in Cali, Colombia in 1955[1]) is a Colombian-American drummer. He was the drummer for the Misfits, and first gained recognition as a drummer for Black Flag.


Life and career

In 1978, he became the third person to drum for Black Flag and was with them through 1981, performing on the EPs Jealous Again, Six Pack, and their first full-length album Damaged. He later toured and recorded with The Misfits on the Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood album.

Robo's drum style is brash and brutal, relying heavily on open high-hat to generate the frenetic sounds on Black Flag's albums. His signature drum kit during that era was transparent to match Greg Ginn's see-through Dan Armstrong guitar. He was also known for wearing plastic and metal bracelets during concerts and recording sessions; they can sometimes be heard faintly clattering on recordings.

In 2003, Robo drummed for Black Flag during their reunion shows. He was joined by Dez Cadena on vocals and rhythm guitar, Greg Ginn on lead guitar, and C'el Revuelta on bass. In 2005, he rejoined with the Misfits, now featuring original member Jerry Only on bass and vocals and fellow former Black Flag member Dez Cadena on guitar. When touring, the band plays Misfits songs as well as Black Flag songs, with Cadena singing the Black Flag songs. He appears on the groups most recent release, the "Land of the Dead" single.

He was briefly mentioned in the Jim Jarmusch short film "Coffee and Cigarettes: Somewhere in California" by Iggy Pop, who suggested using Robo's drumming talents to an offended Tom Waits.

Robo has one son, Vincent Valverde, who was born in December 1985.

In 2010 Robo dropped out of The Misfits due to passport troubles.


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