Seven Mary Three

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Seven Mary Three, occasionally abbreviated to 7M3, is an American hard rock band. They have released seven studio albums, and are best known for their hit singles "Cumbersome", "Water's Edge", and "Wait".



Formation and members

Seven Mary Three formed in 1992 when Jason Ross and Jason Pollock met while attending The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.[1] Originally an acoustic duo, Ross and Pollock split song-writing duties and performed with Ross singing and Pollock playing guitar. Later, drummer Giti Khalsa and bassist Casey Daniel joined the band, and the foursome played coffeehouses and clubs. Paul Smith of Megaphone contributed guitar tracks to Seven Mary Three's second and third studio albums (Rockcrown, and Orange Ave.), and toured as an additional guitarist with the band in support of both albums.

The present members of the band are Casey Daniel, Jason Ross, Thomas Juliano, and Mike Levesque. Giti Khalsa has stopped touring with the band, but still performs on studio recordings.

Origin of group name

Jason Pollock revealed in The Cavalier Daily that they came up with the name while watching the 1970s TV series CHiPs. '7 Mary 3' was the call sign for Officer Jon Baker, who was played by actor Larry Wilcox. (7M3: police radio call sign; 7 designates the patrol beat, M for Mary designates that he is a motorcycle unit and 3 is his unit number). Pollock noted, "There's no great significance or anything. We were just tired of trying to think of a cool name."[2]

Mainstream success

1994's album Churn, a self-produced independent release garnered the band airplay on an FM rock station in Orlando, Florida for the future hit single "Cumbersome".[3] Given this minor success, the band relocated to the Orlando area where they continued to expand their fan base. This regional success soon caught the attention of major-label scouts. In May 1995, Ross, Pollock, and Khalsa graduated from William & Mary and moved to Florida. The band signed with Mammoth and rerecorded the songs on Churn, plus two new ones, to create the commercially successful American Standard in 1995. Despite criticism of mimicking Pearl Jam and other alternative rock acts, only seven months after its release, American Standard achieved platinum status. This accomplishment can certainly be attributed to the success of "Cumbersome," which was a Top 40 hit, as well as another popular single, "Water's Edge".

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