Strata Florida Abbey

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Strata Florida Abbey (Welsh: Abaty Ystrad Fflur) (About this sound pronunciation is a former Cistercian abbey situated just outside Pontrhydfendigaid, near Tregaron in the county of Ceredigion, Wales. The abbey was originally founded in 1164. The name Strata Florida is a corruption of the Welsh Ystrad Fflur, meaning Valley of (the river of) Flowers. Ystrad corrupts into Strata, while Fflur (flowers) is the name of the nearby river. [1] After the region around St. David's was firmly occupied by the Norman Marcher lordship of Pembroke by the early 12th century, with St. David's firmly under Norman influence thereafter, the princely Dinefwr family of Deheubarth transferred their patronage to Strata Florida, interring many of their family members there.


Present-day remains

Lying mostly in ruins, there is a variety of remains in the area. The Abbey Church monument is in the care of Cadw. Next to the remains of the church is the graveyard, which is still active to this day, with many people choosing to be buried there. It is traditionally the burial place of the Welsh language poet, Dafydd ap Gwilym, and a memorial to him is to be found on the site, under a Yew tree. The yew tree is quite famous, although it was quite damaged in storms, when it was hit by lightning. No less than eleven princes of the House of Dinefwr of the Welsh Royal house of Deheubarth were also buried here during the 12th century and 13th century. A stone marker in the Chapter House of the Cadw monument commemorates these princes. The marker is a replica (the original is housed in a small museum).

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