Täby Municipality

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Täby Municipality (Täby kommun) is a municipality north of Stockholm in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Täby. Täby Municipality can be characterized as a suburb of Stockholm.

The municipality is one of few in Sweden which has approximately the same size as the original entity created out of Täby parish, when the first local government acts came into force in 1863. It has not been amalgamated with other units, but minor changes of its limits have been carried out.



For statistical purposes the municipality is divided into two non-administratve urban areas (tätort). The southern built-up area constitutes the multimunicipal [1] urban area Täby which is partly situated in Danderyd Municipality. The northern built-up area, (Täby kyrkby) is part of the bimunicipal [2] Vallentuna urban area, of which the main part constitutes the seat of Vallentuna Municipality.

Public transportation

The municipality is served by the Stockholm public transport system through SL. There are twelve stops on all the three branches of the narrow gauge Roslagsbanan suburban railway. There is also bus connection with the Stockholm metro as well as an extensive internal bus network.


During the first millennium, Täby was part of the lands of the Svear, known as Svitjod. Remains from this period can be found in more than 37 runestones found in the municipality.[3] In the north of the municipality, the remains of the 11th century bridge known as Jarlabankes bridge, can be found. The cross on Täby's coat of arms is found on the Risbylestenen, a runestone, in the northern part of the municipality. It is said that this runestone shows the first signs of Christianity reaching this part of Europe. During the Middle Ages, Täby was part of the Attundaland region.

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