Terry Garoghan

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Terry Garoghan is an English entertainer, born and bred in Brighton (East Sussex), England. Terry now lives in Saltdean (East Sussex) which is just down from Brighton. He is responsible for songs such as Gorgeous Burgess Hill. He once shared a flat with Eddie Izzard and he is fairly bald.

Terry started a radio show called Terry Garoghan's Sunday Service in the Crocodile Comedy Club. He then got spotted by Southern FM and of course then became famous for presenting the great Brighton radio show: The Last Bus To Whitehawk!

In 1996 he did his very first Brighton The Musical held at the Crocodile Comedy Club. It was a huge success and has been doing them throughout many years and in 2006 Terry will be doing a special 10th anniversary show!

Terry left Southern FM in 2004 due to being "too rude" and domestic problems, as the following news post on his official website (now only viewable through the Wayback Machine) explains:

After 6 years at Southern FM I have decided to bring my show to an end. It has been a successful 6 years with 3 Sony award nominations and a Sony Gold in 2002. It has also been the most enjoyable and satisfying working period of my life. My domestic life, however, has not been very happy over the last couple of years. I have been through a divorce and suffered the painful separation from my son Harry, who is not yet three years of age. Throughout these difficulties I have continued with my radio show,which on many occasions has been a very hard thing to do. I feel that I now need a rest to collect my thoughts and feelings, and to decide on where to go next. So it's the final ring of the bell as I sadly say "goodbye brothers and sisters". Thank you for listening and calling in and helping to make 'The Last Bus' the tremendous experience it has been. I shall miss you.

Terry had, however, returned to radio on 26 September 2005 as the presenter of Juice's breakfast show, "Waking Up Brighton." Though on Friday 15 September 2006, he got the sack for "not being edgy enough!" However when Terry first started on Juice, they had told him not to be as rude as he was on his last show because this was a breakfast show. Juice decided that he wasn't what they wanted and unfortunately didn't move him to a late night slot where he could have been more "edgy" and reach his full potential.

Terry has recently done his 12th Brighton The Musical show at the Dome in Brighton which for the first time featured a big screen with the words on it to sing a long to his famous songs. Terry announced at his last show that he would be a compére at the Concorde 2 on Thursday 24 April 2008. Terry would have been joined by Brendon Burns, Jason Wood and Terry Alderton on the night which would have had cabaret style seating and delicious food, but unfortunately the event was cancelled.

On 29 April 2008, a new event was announced on his official website: "The Complete and Utter Terry Garoghan". Billed as "An event celebrating my first 25 years in showbiz". The show took place at Brighton's Komedia on Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November 2008 at 7.30pm.

On 23 October 2008, Terry's new Sing-along styled Brighton The Musical show was announced on the fan site. The show will be held on 21 March 2009 at The Brighton Dome.

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