The Prime Mover

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Dane Clark: Ace Larsen
Buddy Ebsen: Jimbo Cobb
Jane Burgess: Sheila
Christine White: Kitty Cavanaugh
William Keene: Desk clerk

"The Prime Mover" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.



Ace Larsen discovers his partner, Jimbo Cobb, has telekinetic powers after a car crashes outside their café. Ace plans to use those powers to win big in Las Vegas, and he takes his girlfriend Kitty with them. Ace wins many jackpots, but Kitty is repulsed and leaves, so he picks up a cigarette girl and bets the pile in a game of craps, just when Jimbo's powers "runs out". They go home and a saddened Ace asks Kitty if she will marry him. She flips a coin and Ace calls "heads". Kitty tells him the coin did end up landing on heads, and she accepts his proposal. Jimbo drops his broom, and quietly picks it up again... telekinetically.

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