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Valpovo (Hungarian: Valpó) is a town in Slavonia, Croatia. It is close to the Drava river in the region of Slavonia, 25 km northwest of Osijek, altitude 91 m, with a population of 7,904, and a total of 12,327 in the municipality, absolute majority who are Croats (census 2001).



Officials in the communist Yugoslav regime established a camp for Germans which operated from 1945 to 1946.


Economy is based on farming, livestock breeding, forestry, wood and timber and foodstuffs industries; close to the town are oil and natural gas deposits. Valpovo lies on a regional road that connects it to Osijek and Donji Miholjac, as well a road to Belišće and to Bizovac through Ladimirevci.


Located close to the banks of the Drava river (5 km), Valpovo was an ancient dwelling of feudal families. Major tourist attraction include important cultural and historical heritage, (remains of a mediaeval fortification, the old brickwork bridge, churches) and a landscaped park, protected as a horticultural monument. Prandau-Normann Castle: Count Normann-Ehrenfels and Baron Prandau-Hilleprandt had a magnificent castle that was rebuilt seven times. They planted 121 herbal sorts on 250.000 square meters. Valpovo's park is one of the most beautiful in Slavonia.

The most important annual event is the Valpovo Summer, attended by a number of cultural clubs with folklore, music, theatrical and other performances.

Angling opportunities are provided on the nearby rivers Karašica, Vučica, Drava, as well as on lakes and fishponds; hunting grounds are offered nearby. Slavonian specialities, venison and freshwater fish, and quality wines add to the visitor opportunities of the Valpovo region.

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Coordinates: 45°40′N 18°25′E / 45.667°N 18.417°E / 45.667; 18.417

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